BULKING EP: 08 ——————————————— WWW.GYMOCLOCKFITNESS.COM I've been back at it with the GAINS! Slowly getting size and strength back. Most importantly, I'm feeling really good and healthy! Will be discussing my diet with you all as well as my workout regimen soon. Some things i've noticed during this bulking transformation: Bigger chest, bigger shoulders, bigger […]

Do This Every Morning To Get Perfect Abs

To develop a perfect Sixpack, you will want to train from abs a whole range of perspectives. You see, the core is generally made up of four key components. The rectus abdominus (6pack / lower abs), inter and external obliques, the serratus anterior, and the transverse abdominus (inner abs). The obliques are an absolute must […]

Home Chest Workouts – Bigger Chest in 8 Weeks – Week 1 Day 3

The Ultimate Home Workout Plan Home Chest Workouts Bigger Chest in 8 Weeks – Week 1 Day 3 1- Negative Push Up 2- No Arm Pushup 3- Doorway Row 4- Archer Lunges #Chest #HomeWorkouts #ChestWorkouts

ලොකු Biceps හදන හරිම විදිය ගැන ලුශන් පුශ්පරාජ් කියලා දෙයි! (Bicep workout with Lucion)

කොහොමද හරියටම Bicep Workout එකක් කරන්නෙ? කොහොමද හරි ව්යායාම තොරාගන්නෙ? කොහොමද හරි SETS සහ REPS දැන ගන්නෙ ප්‍රමානය (Like the video and subscribe) – මෙහ් දේවල් අපිට කියා දෙන්න ඉන්න හොදම කෙනා තමයි ලුශන් පුශපරාජ් නොහොත් ආසියාවෙ කලු සින්හයා. වසර ගනනාවක පලපුරුදු සහා සහතිකලත් පුහුනුකරුවෙකු වන ඔහු අපිත් එක්ක ඔහුගෙ දැනුම බෙදාගන්න එකතු ව් සිටිනවා […]

Intense Chest, Back, and Biceps Workout For Growth | Using The Arm Blaster

This is an example of what my typical chest and back day looks like. I walk you through the workout as we hit chest first, then back, and finish with biceps using the arm blaster. Try this workout and it'll lead you to BUILD MUSCLE. As always, I keep the intensity high and push myself […]

93% of People CAN’T Do This (Big Problem!)

Can you touch your fingers behind your back? If not, then you need to watch this video. I’m going to show you how your poor shoulder flexibility is holding back your gains and making you more susceptible to injury on some of the most popular exercises. It starts with the test. This is called the […]

The Perfect Push-Up To Build Muscle (AVOID THESE MISTAKES!)

Due to the high amount of muscle mass and joints which are involved in this exercise, there is a lot that can go wrong when it comes to the pushup form or in a pushups workout. Which is not only detrimental for growth, but is also problematic from an injury and pain standpoint since we […]


Follow Me on Instagram: Business Inquiries: Chest Exercises You Must Do For Muscle Growth 💫 Try this cable variation during your next workout 🔥 Focus on the contraction at the peak of the movement to penetrate the upper chest. Great finish👌🏾 __________ Full workout: EXERCISE 1: Flat Barbell Press 4×8 EXERCISE 2: Incline […]

OVER 50 KILLER BICEP WORKOUT (great if your 20 too!)| RESISTANCE BANDS | Guaranteed Super Pump!

Can you build your Biceps after 50? 100% Heck Yes!!! Build them with resistance which will push your muscles to the limit without killing your joints – Resistance Bands! Pair bands with a killer routine and what do you get? Results! Day 27 – Todays workout once again Tabata. So 20 seconds of reps followed […]