The Best Diet For Men?

Because there are so many, different diet regimens throughout the health and fitness industry, it not only causes confusion for women, but also for men. Many men find themselves asking the question: what is the best diet for men? In that same breath, do you think that there is a such thing as the best diet? These are two question that even health and fitness experts couldn’t answer, because there is no such thing as what are called “cookie-cutter” diets.

A lot of men are led astray because they think that there is a “magic bullet” or a certain diet that will help them burn fat, build muscle, increase energy and accomplish all of the fitness goals that they may have. It can be hard to pinpoint the best diet for men. Luckily for you, you’ve found this article so let’s shed some light on a couple pieces of advice that will help you find the best diet for you.

The Diet That You Feel The Best On

Ignore everything that you hear from every fitness expert, personal trainer, nutritionists, doctor or anyone who has authority in the industry and take this one tip home. The BEST diet for any man is the diet that he feels best on. It’s pretty simple, right? In reality, it is just that easy. The only thing you have to do is experiment. Do your research and try as many diets as you can while documenting how you feel over a certain period of time. More importantly, document how much progress towards a specific goal that you are trying to achieve.

Low-Carb Diets (Paleo, Keto, South Beach)

Nowadays, many men are in physique competitions, bodybuilding competitions, modeling and other professions that require them to utilize different diets to get them different results. Low-carb diets such as paleo, keto, South Beach, Atkins, and other diets really help get the body into a rapid fat-burning mode known as ketosis. Ketosis also happens to be a very healthy state, and in some cases, a life-saving state for cancer or sick and diseased patients. It is also big among crossfitters. Before any men try to fully adopt any low-carb diets, we recommend that they pace themselves and this is because you are completely shifting your body’s primary fuel source which is carbohydrates and glycogen. Speaking of which, we cover that in our next point.

High-Carb Diets

Diets that are a big higher in carbs tend to be favored by athletes because they do help in building muscle and they also help in providing the body it’s preferred source of energy which is glycogen. Your brain, organs and muscle cells all need glycogen to function. Besides, who doesn’t like eating things like pasta, rice, bread and potatoes, right? In addition to high carbs, what we recommend is adding a good amount of fiber and of course water as these two will allow your digestive tract to work more efficiently.

Conclusion: Best Diet For Men

To sum everything up, we can’t stress enough that the “best” diet for any man is the diet that he feels best on and the diet that allows him to achieve his fitness goals. Again, experiment, experiment again and when you’re finished, experiment some more. Try as many diets as you can so you can get a good idea of what you’re working with, and then make your choice.

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