Why You Should Add The Dumbbell Deadlift To Your Workout Routine?

Are you looking to pack on some muscle and shred some fat at the same time. Many people may not think that it’s possible, but it is with the proper exercises and the proper workout routine and of course, we can’t forget about the diet. If there was one exercise that anyone should add to their workout routine to progress in all areas, the dumbbell deadlift takes the cake. Normally, the deadlift exercise is performed with a barbell, but doing them with dumbbells can isolate the forearms a bit more, as well as put more stress on the core which is a great thing for athletes. With that, let’s discuss a few, key reasons on why you should add the dumbbell deadlift to your workout routine.

Works More Muscle Groups Than Any Other Exercise

Right off the bat, the dumbbell deadlift is a great exercise because it works more muscle groups at one time than any other exercise combined. If you take a closer look at how muscle is built and how fat is loss in the body, working multiple muscle groups at one time is a key to really achieving both of those goals. The reason being is because when multiple groups are worked, the body becomes more anabolic, and one of the main muscle-building hormones called testosterone increases. In addition to that, testosterone is also good for speeding up the metabolism to burn fat and because you are working multiple muscle groups, you are expending more calories which is key to get the fat burn portion down. It truly is an exercise that hits two birds with one stone.

Emphasizes Core Control

One thing that can truly separate a great athlete from an average athlete is core strength and core control. The abdominal and core muscles play a huge role in how any athlete will progress in their sport. It is their source of power. In football, linebackers are able to make hard hits and goal line stops because of their core strength. Everything that any athlete does in their sport involves the core and this is why any exercises that focus on improving core strength and control should be a staple in their workout routines.

Better Posture

Overall health can be improved, dramatically, just by achieving better posture. In the deadlift movement, a great deal of emphasis is put on keeping your head held high, and at the peak of the movement, the hips thrust forward, the shoulders roll back and the chest is opened up. The three of these movements help blood flow much better through the body and they will alleviate any possible tension in other muscles to prevent muscle imbalances because of the stretching motions.


Earlier, when we stated that this exercise, or exercises similar to the dumbbell deadlift, should be a staple in the workout routines of all athletes, we weren’t kidding. Athlete or not, this exercise should be incorporated in any routine not only because of the points that we’ve mentioned, but also because it’s great for building a foundation. Starting out, we recommend you pace yourself, and get the form down before you add any weight to ensure that you get the utmost benefit out of it.

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