Build MORE MUSCLE With Push Ups (4 Key Points)

When it comes to building muscle resistance machines and free weights like dumbbells and barbells are great. However, using your own body weight by doing pushups can be just as effective. In this video, we will give you four tips on how to book muscles with pushups. The first point is above the best rep range. If you’re training for muscle size, choose a variation which allows you to go to muscle failure in the sixth to 12th rep range. In other words, you should choose to push up variation with that. You can complete at least six but not more than 12 reps. That means if you can do less than six reps, the variation is too hard and if you can do more than 12 reps, it’s too easy.


However, on the whole, the advantage you get from working in the hypertrophy range isn’t nearly as big as people seem to think. Every person is unique and it’s probably not wise to assume that a single rep range will be best for everyone. Some people and some exercises just seem to do better with higher reps or lower RN. Another reason to choose the lower and the higher rep range is that both offer different benefits over the six to 12 rep range. The low rep range will improve your maximum strength the most and most strength can result in more muscle size because he can work with high intensity.

The high rep range on the other hand will result in a better capitalization and this will influence your muscle size. The higher rep range is also good because your body improves to recover from the heavy load in the lower rep range. Long story short, we suggest you to implement all rep ranges into your workout. You can change to rev range every few weeks or days or implement all into one workout. For example, you do two sets of the hot variation in the lower rep range. Then go on with two sets of the medium variation in the middle rep range and finish with two sets of an easy variation in the hybrid bridge.

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This leads us straight to the second point, which is about the progressions. To be able to train in all those different rep ranges. You have to adapt the pushup to your current level of performance to make the standup pushup easier. You can do incline push ups. The more you move your body to a vertical position, the easier the movement gets. The more you move it to a horizontal position, the harder it’s also possible to make the stand up pushup hot here you got to options. The first one is to use additional weight and weight vest is a very good option for that because the weight is evenly spread over your whole body. The second option is unilateral training or auto movements. Here you only work with one arm or one bent and one straight on. The more you shift your body weight to one arm, the hub and the exercise gets.


next tip is about the muscle tension. The pushup is a complex body weight exercise, the focus less on your chest, shoulders, and triceps. But if you do it correctly you will also engage includes apps and even your clots. So if you do a pushup, always aim for the correct execution. Muscle tension also means that you do all parts of the movement control and not too quick. The clapping push up is a great exercise to build up explosive strength, but it’s not the best way. If you want to train from muscle size, if you want to build up muscle with pushups, hold your muscles on attention for the complete movement. No matter if you do a slow or fast for less. Tip is above nutrition. You’ve probably already heard that you can’t out train a bad diet. That’s completely true. You can train with the best program and the most effort. If you don’t eat enough, you will be having a hard time building muscle mass to get a muscle mass building training program. You can order it online, personal training, or check out a will level one to five workout programs. We also offer nutrition programs that teach you everything you need to know to seriously work, to walk your coats for building muscle or losing fat. If you have further questions, just leave a comment. Thanks Ellie.

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    Very detailed explanations, def one of the best! But I got a question, since you said, “Explosive push-ups are not the best for muscle building?” I assume, you mean aesthetically way (body builders), right? Then what’s the best benefit for doing explosive push-ups? Mind muscle connection perhaps?

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    quality as always and dope music as always! πŸ˜€ Big shout from Finland to CaliMove Keep it up guys, you Rock! Deep insight and clever video output all in together with cool editing and mixing. Blessings so much!

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