So You Think CALISTHENICS Don’t Build MUSCLE???

Do Calisthenics / Street Workout build muscle? Have a look at Freddy, Bertrand, Conny and ask that question again!
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76 thoughts on “So You Think CALISTHENICS Don’t Build MUSCLE???

  1. ADITYA MALL says:

    anybody noticed that he said he was lifting weights for 4 years goddamm 4 years and then 2 year caLi so
    that’s explain why his muscles are bigger then rest of cali s

    • Ивелин Димитров says:

      +YangSword9x And btw, you do get new muscle cells, those aren’t fat cells, fat cells just gets more fat inside of them and stretch to infinity, muscle cells don’t work like that. The way muscle is build is by new muscle cells being built on top of broken ones. Also, look up Andreas Munzer and tell me how its blood volume again, IT IS MUSCLE bro, MUSCLE. Bodybuilders lose that MUSCLE because to get that BIG you need to eat like a fucking bear, so they stop eating like bears and their bodies go back to a smaller state. Simple as that, no such thing like blood pump, jesus. If it worked like that, they could just inject some litres of blood in my veins and I can go to a bodybuilding competition without a single day at the gym.

    • Albert McCall says:

      +ADITYA MALL 4 years on and off, which means he was never serious about it. Maybe if he got the stick from up his…….wait let me be professional. On a logical point if he trained in the gym seriously and didn’t go on and off he’d be much bigger. calisthenics did help build muscle but only because he did it seriously for 2 years. also it toned his muscles. I can tell the gym just wasn’t for him…

    • ADITYA MALL says:

      may be you have more knowledge then me about bodybuilding  what little knowledge i have about bodybuilding is that some times bigger muscle is not the strong but to get bigger muscle you need to train them like a bodybuilder calisthenics  will not makeyou bigger muscles maybe it can make you strong but not bigger   
      and even on and off for 4 years are enough to get the muscle like that  but not 2 years of calisthenics 

    • Natural Muscle Brit says:

      +XCIZC hes trying to explain myofibril cell growth, hes just not too bright..
      but its something most atheletes and people who train often obtain..

    • Ian Fraser says:

      +XCIZC I doubt he understands much of how muscle is built… Its pretty obvious he heard something about hypertrophy from somewhere, but didn’t quite grasp what it entails… and it seems like he thinks people doing weight training build muscle from water? Probably only remembered “fluid retention” and then made up his own science. Maybe he should let someone else do the talking…

  2. Mike Doolittle says:

    It definitely builds muscle. But continued progression in size and strength requires progressive overload and using only your body weight is obviously limiting in that regard.

    Update: some of you in the comments seem to be interpreting my comment to imply that you cannot use progressive overload with your bodyweight. Of course you can, which is exactly how these guys get as muscular as they do. But there’s a reason that high-level calisthenics guys and gals don’t have the muscularity of bodybuilders, and that’s because old fashioned barbells and dumbbells allow for a continual progressive overload that is simply not possible with calisthenics alone. This isn’t a criticism of calisthenics; it’s brutally hard and produces great physiques with tremendous agility and core strength, something lots of strength athletes lack. But IF your goal is to be as strong and muscular as genetically possible, calisthenics will not get you there.

    • omar sawalha says:

      Yes its limited but that limit is huge really huge it takes years to reach and the wrong you said is about how are they smaller because they are limited nope thats not it they are smaller for 1 they dont use roids like bodybuilder do and 2 they dont use isolation work like bodybuilder you can reach your muscle size limit with calisthenics just like weights but slower

    • omar sawalha says:

      @Egaal Osman exactly a few use roids as i said the usage of roids is more rare in the calisthenics community and the thing about its not organised were did you get that from how did you know its not organised how do you think gymnasts train then ? I can give you my own training programme if you want to know how is it organised

    • omar sawalha says:

      idk why we need that we already have our full body strength programs ever tryed doing a front lever pullups , muscleups , humanfalg pulls , shrimp squats they work you fullbody 2 and i dont see any grip or abs or obliques or lats in your program there ? but hey good for you powerlifting is great

    • Fraudulent Earth says:

      It’s impossible to get any bigger than these guys (with similar bone size and body shape) even if you do use weights without synthetic help. Given, that legs can get a lot bigger with weights, but you can reach your genetic potential for the upper body, without steroid use, by using either calisthenics only, weights only, or a mixture of both. The use of the “gear” allows the trainee to take his body past this threshold, a threshold that is only passable by lifting heavy, serious weights that the body must overcome in order to grow.

  3. Cyril Schoenacker says:

    For all the people complaining :
    Gym -> You end up bigger by using weights.
    Calistenics -> You end up lean, fast, agile and you have better mobility with you body.

  4. Philip Shapkin says:

    the big difference is that calithenic uses ur bodyweight under different types of pressure and creates intensity through positioning.
    calithenic gives you the mobility that weights can’t give you.

  5. Omar Hayder says:

    reading the comments makes me vomit, everyone is being the pseudo ex powerlifter/bodybuilder a personal trainer and a phd on human physique, come on guys, most of you watched 2 videos of rich piana and vegan gains and acting like you know everything…

  6. dark wolf says:

    These comments amaze me. people have been getting in shape way before gyms were even around. calisthenics can build muscle, if you know how to train in it PROPERLY. I hate to burst your bubble, but weight lifting is not the only way to build muscle.

  7. Jim Canterak says:

    IMO Calisthenics build the best looking bodies, and distribute mass and power evenly to very good measures. But of course there is no “better” or “worse” training, as long you get back as much as you give (or more), don’t injure yourself and reach the goal you want. That’s how I see it.

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