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the back, one of the most major muscle groups located on the body besides legs. Now when you say back, a lot of people think labs, but that’s not the only muscle located on the back. There’s several more and I’m here to show you how to work them out and work them out correctly. We did pull up if you want that Nice v taper. That was good. Aesthetics being gonna include this exercise in your program. Now what you want to focus on is coming all the way down and getting that full stretch in the lats and then as you can track the muscle pulling that Chin all the way up past the bar, this is going to get the full benefit of the exercise. If you want more size and more length in the last, then what you’re going to do is drop some weight to yourself. This is gonna to take a little practice with. The more you do it, the better you get.


The tea bar ro one of my personal favorites, this gonna work, the thickness of the back by merely the middle of the back. Now when you think about that, you think about last. Now there’s going to be a lot more muscles. I consist of back, it can be the traps and Rhomboids, terrorists, minor cares, major erector spinae. This one in particular is going to work all of those, which is great because that’s what makes the thickness of the back. When you look at the side here, you can get the nice sickness instead of just from the crime three 60 view. You want to look good at all angles to the buffoons are all abouts.

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Reverse Garret, reverse grip, bent over row. This is primarily gonna work, the lower lats, so when you look at yourself to the front, your lots aren’t gonna end midway through action. Come all the way down to the waist is what you want. A nice aesthetic look. Also on the form, you want to definitely keep that back straight as you bend over and you want to get the full stretch in the last coming down as you can tract up. Do you want to get a full squeeze? Pulling those elbows back as far as you can. This is also going to work your biceps as well, so you really killing two birds with one stone. Your guns and your shields. Don’t do drugs.

One arm seated cable row. What I like about this exercise, it’s really going to help elongate the lads. We’re going to have widen them. You can be doing one side. Then the next, this is a great unilateral exercise. What does unilateral mean? Well, it means you’re going to be working one side and then the next separately. The good thing about this is you’re going to be able to tell what side is stronger and what you need to work on. Either it’d be the form you’re using or the strength in general. So as you sit down either on a chair or a box or whatever you have available in the gym, you’re going to have the cable on the low [inaudible] so as you pull up you’re going to get the full contraction a lot. Then as you release, you’re going to get, they get a full stretch helping along the lat make it nice, Glean wide lots. You really want to feel the squeeze on this one and that’s what’s so great about it. It feels like isolation exercise, even though the bicep is helping out just a little bit.

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straight arm pull downs. What’s great about this exercise is going to completely isolate the labs. The reason being your biceps are not involved whatsoever. As you bring your arms straight, you’re gonna get a full stretch in the lats taking it down. You want to pull the shoulders back, chest up you the full squeeze, nice contraction. It’s also going to work. Those muscles that run along the spine director’s fining a little bit in the serratus anterior. Other than that, the biceps are not going to help out with this exercise, which is great because sometimes the bicep want to work a little bit too much and you’re getting up, not going to get the full benefit of each exercise. You are going to feel a little stretch in the triceps though, and that’s a little natural, so if they do start to burn, don’t be worried. These five different exercises that we’ve included in this video are some of my favorites. The reason being, they’re going to hit all facets of the back, and that’s what you got to think about when you step in the gym. You’re not only training for the look, you’re also training for the performance with these five different exercises, you’re going to get both. So step in the gym, try these exercises out for yourself and see what you think.

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How-To Build Your Back into a Muscle Shield - Buff Dudes


By Chris Wright

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    1. @Syahrul Anwar Jamaludin  No problem !! One of the best channel is definetely those of elliot hulse, even if its starting to be more about how to be a good person in life in general than fitness but still good stuff!! Buff dudes is all about lifting weight tho and so good so far, they didnt bullshit yet (as far as I can tell)

    1. People really think he looks THAT insane? It’s so blatantly obvious he doesn’t do roids. He just has good genes, knows what he’s doing (incorporates science) and has been doing it for a long time. Idiots are just jealous. And you should be.

    1. Dario Wirtha that’s how every beginner is you don’t have to be embarrassed no one’s gonna judge trust me. If you still feel embarrassed then find a gym partner and workout with them.

  1. nice video brother, please have the camera man show your back when you are doing back exercises , please, I wanna see where exactly hit those exercises , thanks for the video again

  2. dude, you look like sabertooth here, from xmen origins of wolverine. hahaha BTW tnx for your vid tips. this could help me to do the right forms for my training 🙂

  3. The only reason to accuse someone of steroids is jealousy. Plus, someone assuming you’re on roids when you aren’t, is the ultimate compliment, even if it gets a little tiring eventually.

  4. People really think he looks THAT insane? It’s so blatantly obvious he doesn’t do roids. He just has good genes, knows what he’s doing (incorporates science) and has been doing it for a long time. Idiots are just jealous. And you should be.

  5. Much respect for BuffDudes, its pretty obvious that they don’t juice. People, especially men, who juice and lift this much develop a very particular look that the knowing eye can see. These guys are natural and buff. Keep doing what you do dudes!

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