How To Force Growth In Your Muscles

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48 thoughts on “How To Force Growth In Your Muscles

  1. Scenic Approach says:

    “How To Force Growth In Your Muscles”…. the answer is progress?
    I found your video somewhat inspirational the way you did comparisons.
    But comon… really? Even people who don’t lift could have given a more sufficient answer.

  2. scoobytru says:

    Last but not least is REST. I was doing the 100lb dumbbells reppin 10 with bodyweight of 160lbs. Proper technique, good diet, and Rest equals PROGRESS. Not a hate comment, just adding my 2 cents.

  3. Tonia Moore says:

    Good video. It does take years….I been doing this for 22 years with some obstacles & knock downs but the body is an amazing thing. Do right by it and most importantly DO YOU!!!

  4. LoneRangerA says:

    don’t we have to keep our arms straight and shoulders relaxed for the shrugs?
     I think he is lifting way too much weight and losing technique and form.

  5. Chronick says:

    You can always be both good at powerlifting AND Bodybuilding… Just keep all the 3 powerlifts heavy at 3 – 5 rep range (squat, deads and bench) then do all the other exercises at a bodybuilding rep range 8-12 with the time/tension… 

  6. Dat Hoang says:

    he never really answered his question of how to force growth the muscles. All he was saying is to eat right, workout on our level, and give ourselves time to get the results we want. I am not dissing him, I think he has a lot of great information and lots of great videos that he have made but I was never really clear about this video on how to force growth our muscles.

    • Golden2Talon says:

      @topsui no , just write down how many reps you did the first set (in your example, 12). Next time you do the same exercise and manage to do 15, increase the weight. The first set is the most important, the other ones is just to exhaust your muscles more. You progress when your first set is better than it was days before

    • Baron Thundercunt says:

      @Dat Hoang Just do what you just said. There are not cuts, no easy ways, its a good diet, good training, good sleep and stress levels down while you keep setting goals. That’s it, so he did answer the question.

    • Steve Venus says:

      @Dat Hoang *Tip To Gain Muscles Fast…* LIMIT CARDIO
      You can do up to two days of light jogging on the treadmill, but keep it to around 30 minutes per session. To lose fat while sparing muscle, you’d do even better to perform sprint intervals for instance, running all-out for a minute and then backing off to a light jog for two minutes. Do this for 30 minutes, three times a week.Visit If You are really serious about your Muscles Growth……

    • AkeemSaves says:

      To build muscle you have to progressive overload, I think what he says about powerlifting & bodybuilding is wrong, if you’re natural you simply need progressive overload only natural way to build muscle I promise you. The pump thing is wrong, I can get a pump from curling 15 lbs for reps and won’t see any gains. Volume does matter and plays a role.

  7. Bicep says:

    I’ve just watched your video and you are the most funniest person I’ve watched in years. I’ve been depressed for 4 yrs, I’ve seen counsellors, medical professionals and psychiatrists but you have cured me. If I could shake your hand I would. Have you cured others as well? Get big!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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