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title is, he were to say accident an email, right? This was a comment. Somebody left. Oh yeah, it’s, do was critique in one of our workouts. He said high reps don’t build muscle. Right. I even took a shot at, you did 20 rep for curls. What the fuck? Disrespectful motherfucker. But anyway, if anybody’s been following us for awhile for whatever reason, yeah, I would say for the past year, but as they, cause last six months we started hitting our bus stops again. Yeah. And the reason why we couldn’t really hit them with heavy weight is because I don’t know what it was. It looked like he making all kinds of games in your biceps man. Right. It was just some game. Pictionary was excruciating pain feel like when I was doing curls, black felt like somebody was taking a damn night and sticking it in right here. You know, we suffer from biceps snappiness and my payments would go numb and stuff like that. So, and both of us to both of us was having, which is really weird now. That’s what’s weird about it, where twins can show the same DNA that is worried about there’s two, man, this is,

it’s true. This is true.

Right. But you can build a muscle with high reps if you’re plan the principle of progressive overload.


yeah. Once my muscles get used to that 20 reps with that weight, I can add another five pounds. Once that 20 reps gets easy and I can move up another five pounds. So long as you’re applying that principle and you know, I wouldn’t go over 20 reps, you know, I mean the higher end reps you go, the less muscle you going to be actually building because you just basically build a lot of endurance. But you can build muscle. Yeah. Like my first set, I’ll do 20 reps off like 90 pounds. Yeah, right. But my second and third and fourth sets is nowhere near 20 reps. Yeah. So I dropped the weight now and I stay in that rep range and that’s the only way we can actually train our biceps without that damn basset tendonitis coming up here. Soon as we start doing with reps of 68 start lifting lot, Harry over a hundred pounds to close a pain comes back pain cause I can’t do ’em spotty curls neither.

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I was doing it for awhile and I was seeing how cancer against did some snapped in both my arms. I couldn’t do them no more. Couldn’t do so. Right. So you gotta listen to your body and gotta train around, you know, so you can build muscle, don’t have reds, just a park. The principle progressive overload. You ain’t got to go to gym and lift like all this fucking weight and doing like three or five reps. Seven. There’s a price to that. If you lived in like seriously heavy, there’s a price you’re going to pay as you get older. You’re not going to fill it now, but when you hit 40 in after that, you’re going to fill it in. Oh, you’re going to feel it’s called your delayed snapping. Yes. Called a delayed snap. Yeah. But you will feel it. Yeah. It might not happen a day. Everybody that happen, boy, years from now, but mother bubbly you is gone. Yeah. Do whatever the fudge do you want to do.

By Chris Wright

Chris has spent many years working and teaching in the IT field. He enjoys spending time outdoors and learning about new topics. He likes playing golf, spending time at the beach and working on classic cars and woodworking projects.

49 thoughts on “High Reps Don’t Build Muscle? @hodgetwins”
  1. I think you need both heavy training and hypertrophy to fully benefit from your training. I’ve tried just high reps, I’ve tried just strength – but I found doing a phase of strength for a week then alternating to hypnotherapy made me all kinds of gains!

    1. @ANGRYGREEKMANYO Use an app like “Strong” and keep it simple. If you feel like you can up the weight then up the weight in the app and make a note of that for your next workout. Not too hard.

  2. The people who claim high reps don’t matter are the people who simply max on every workout and don’t get results.   I swear I see a guy do like a max on bench for 1 rep then rest for like 7 minutes… man get that crap out of here. Also high reps for mid range curls as a warm up for arm day is great.  I do like 20/15/10 to get the blood flowing.

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