Build MUSCLE & Strength with CALISTHENICS

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Rep range for specific goals:

If you work with this standards don't forget: Each rep is 4 seconds.
Yellow: Most benefit
Blue: Less benefit
Green: Least benefit

Goal: Hypertrophy
Exercise: Pull Up
Rep Rage: 8 Reps
Time under Tension: 32 seconds (8 reps x4 seconds)

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58 thoughts on “Build MUSCLE & Strength with CALISTHENICS

    • (XS) /Jesus says:

      +shockslice nutrition Is not hard… Just eat things with low fat like Greek yoghurt,vegetables, and fruit. Don’t forget to get protein too from eggs, fish, or nuts.

    • Shoreline Ltd says:

      +XShadowshot Low fat diets are unhealthy. A majority of vitamins and minerals are fat soluble, and need to bind to fat in order to work. That’s why so many people have deficiencies which affect health and overall performance. You need to avoid bad fats (processed oils, saturates, trans fats) and consume good fats (fish, nuts, seeds etc).
      But overall, the statement ‘eat big to get big’ is true. It’s what you eat that matters. Don’t have 3000 calories of burgers. Make that goal with live yoghurt, raw honey, seeds, fish, eggs, organic milk, meat occasionally, fruits and vegetables.

    • PsychosGamers says:

      @dark wolf …..”calisthenics have been a way of getting in shape”   please dont give a name/tile to natural body weight training….its really uneccessary…calisthenics isnt something new…isnt the next hot thing… a thing that was created for marketing and eventually profiting…..because most people have very low IQ, they desperately need a ”new name” something they havent heard about before in order to give their money and move their fat asses, so they can brag about it at the rest low IQ friends they have….exercising and body weight training  is older than any advertised system out there…….exactly like you said !!!

    • LifeThroughLotus says:

      PsychosGamers there are different styles of bodyweight movement overall calisthenics is the name for them all. Much like martial arts is the name for all fighting styles that involves the use of legs and other body parts. There are some things streetworkout athletes do that gymnast don’t. Both are calisthenics but different styles of calisthenics.

    • δτ says:

      I find the distinction between street workout athletes and gymnasts pretty weak.
      Both are doing body-weight exercises.
      Maybe different exercises (though I don’t see what option the one offers that the other doesn’t), but still body-weight exercises.

    • User Name says:

      +Terry Lawrance
      With the 8-12 rep range do you obtain mostly the hypertrophy of muscle fibers (which increase strenght) or mostly sarcoplasmatic hypertrophy (which doesn’t increase strenght)?

    • Adrian Nicoli says:

      +Terry Lawrence Quality info right there. Take a look on Prilepin’s table if you want numbers. It has been adapted for bodyweight training by Steven Low, for example, who wrote an excellent book on everything you want to know about Calisthenics. Low reps are for myofibrillar hypertrophy, so strength. 3 would be the minimum to preserve right form during the exercise. 5 is a good compromise, but go up to 10 before moving on next progression if you want to, especially in the beginning. Have fun and build balanced muscles

  1. # 1 says:

    You guys have become my new heros. Ive gotten better results with calestetics based workouts in the last 3 months then all time in the past doing any other form of exercise. Calestics should be a prerequisite for everyone before moving to weighted exercises.

    I already fell stronger then I ever have.

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