The Fastest Way to Get Stronger (WORKS EVERY TIME!)

Do you want to get stronger? In this video, I’m going to discuss the simplest way to do that by focusing on two things: compound movements and progressive overload. These two elements of a training program are particularly helpful for beginner lifters and will always serve as the basis of programming for even the more advanced lifter.

Compound movements are the lifts that allow us to incorporate the most muscles possible, thereby giving us the opportunity to move the most weight possible. By working multiple muscles at a time we’re able to get more bang for our buck by doing fewer exercises but also by allowing us to take advantage of the heavier weights we are able to lift.

To find the best compound exercises we don’t need to look any further than the tried and true staples. The bench press, overhead press, barbell row, weighted chin up, squat and deadlift.

These movements will allow you to move some serious weight and have you adding more and more weight to the bar with almost each and every workout. Just these few exercises will also train almost every muscle in your body, almost.

Make no mistake, these compound movements will definitely increase your strength, more so than perhaps any other, and they will make up the foundation of any serious training program, but they can also leave you lacking in many other areas.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t educate you on the areas of your training that you are overlooking by being singularly focused on just strength. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a HUGE fan of strength, in fact I’ve seen first hand how taking a genetically gifted athlete and doing nothing but making them stronger will help them rise to new heights.

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Fact is, most of us are not genetically gifted athletes, we more often than not are sitting at a computer all day at work and being severely under stimulated physically outside of what we do in the gym. For these two reasons alone you need to make sure that strength is a foundational part of your training, but not the only part of your training. Never make yourself one dimensional.

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  2. Jacob Golding says:

    Honestly, I think it’s got to be hard on Jeff’s wife when half way though the night he needs to wake her up to sleep on the other side of the bed so he doesn’t get imbalances.

  3. Welcome To The Internet Fam says:

    how to get stronger training schedule..
    monday – chest
    tuesday – chest
    wednesday – left chest
    thursday – right chest
    friday – chest/dumb bell only
    saturday – chest split
    sunday – rest/chest

    • Illogical logic says:

      @Gatlin Videos I love the details he provides. Two years ago I used to get confused and overwhelmed with all the information but I kept watching his videos multiple times and watched the videos he uploaded at the time until I got the whole idea, slowly it started to make sense to me and I connected the dots thanks to the repetitevness. I strive for a long term injury and pain free lifting experience this channel is a gold mine and I still can’t believe it actually exists. I can’t count the amount of times I was doing moves wrong that would haved caused me an injury in the future and fixed them once I have seen jeff’s videos.
      I also love the fact that he explains in detail the reason behind these injuries that can occur i feel like taking free physiotherapy classes the information he provides is so valuable.

    • says:

      @Ut med dem yeah but he Could get this and don’t give you the right info via YouTube… But Jeff is the real deal… Other guys are paid for sooo shitty advice…

  4. Husain Mohammed says:

    Dear Jeff
    Could you please make a video series about “corrective exercises” and the exercises to do to strengthen supportive muscles, not just main muscle groups. I enjoy your other series about perfect workouts and checklists.

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