Building Muscle Under Chiropractic Care when Experiencing Arm and Hand Pain

Dr. Brenda Mondragon, DC St. Augustine, FL


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36 thoughts on “Building Muscle Under Chiropractic Care when Experiencing Arm and Hand Pain

  1. Neil Wade says:

    I use to just watch other channels just for the cracking. I find your videos super interesting and really enjoy your explanations and reasoning. You’ve actually motivated me to look into a career in sports science or something like that.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Mike Manz says:

      I’m not a chiro but i’ve found with different sports (MTN bikes, dirt bikes especially) that if you’re having a problem with your low back, strengthen your low back and your abs. You don’t need to lift heavy or strain like that, yoga would help big time. Its all about core strength, let the muscles do the work and support your joints. After decades of hitting the ground skateboarding, biking and dirt biking, my joints are ragged out well past my age. Light strength training and yoga on a regular basis has made a big difference. Hope this helps

  2. Ranger6x6 says:

    Hi Doc, great video as usual ! I’m a 52 year old 5′ 11″ 230 pound wreck!. lol Years ago I had a job that involved a lot of lifting which resulted in herniated discs in my lower back and neck. It was then that I found out I have scoliosis in my mid back. I tried surgery 22 years ago which worked for almost a year to the date of surgery and I went back to the way I was before. I was hit by a race car 15 years ago which didn’t help my situation. I was always referred to PT until one day I decided to try Chiropractic care and it worked much better than PT but the insurance companies in PA don’t like to pay for Chiropractic care they would rather I go to PT and limit my visits to my Chiropractor to 6 or less per year. argh! Keep up the great work Doc!

  3. giff74 says:

    How in the world do I find a chiropractor that does this complete of a job? I’ve only ever been to one, but he did the same 6 adjustments ever time I was there and he never discussed how I felt anywhere to close to how she did.

    Keep up the great work!

  4. Richard Pearce says:

    The chiropractors I’ve dealt with in the past came off as snake oil salesmen and have left a bad taste in my mouth since. But Id give this an honest shot. Interesting video, thanks!

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