HOW TO LOW BAR SQUAT CORRECTLY: Proper Form for Building Muscle + Strength

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40 thoughts on “HOW TO LOW BAR SQUAT CORRECTLY: Proper Form for Building Muscle + Strength

  1. Saurabh Sharma says:

    His instructions are a little different from Mark Rippetoe of Starting Strength. He said that elbow has to be pushed forward while Mark Rippetoe said that it has to be pushed back so that there can be a better shelf for the bar. When he demonstrates the squat, he actually pushes back his elbows like Mark says.
    The second difference I see is the foot position. I love the cue to avoid good mornings.

    • Sandarpan says:

      This hip drahv thing turned my squat into a good morning. At lighter weights they’re no problem but once the weight starts getting challenging, I always find the hip drive cue to cause my shoulders to not rise up. So I watched Candito’s video and focused on keeping my chest up along with driving my hips up and it helped a lot.

    • TheBlooRayChannel says:

      I was having the same issue. The queue that works for me is to keep my knees forward and locked until the final third of the ascend. A good morning is basically knees extending with zero bar displacement. Another queue is maintaining a strong torso, hip-torso connection. I think about very strictly moving my torso up with the hips. Chest up queue definitely turns it into a good morning for me. Long femurs brah.

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