HOW Fast Can YOU Build Muscle?! (8 Most Important Factors)

[Andy Morgan's Excellent Article]

[Eric Helms On Protein Intake]
[Sleep Is Underrated]



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39 thoughts on “HOW Fast Can YOU Build Muscle?! (8 Most Important Factors)

  1. Dimes says:

    8 Most Important Factors(Most important to least important)

    1) Drug Use/Genetics
    2) Caloric Intake
    3) Appropriate training stimulus
    4) Sufficient Protein Intake
    5) Enough Sleep
    6) Stress Management
    7) Body Fat Percentage
    8) Everything Else. Focus on first 7!

  2. Alex Karakatsanis says:

    00:40 Drug use/genetics
    2:04 Eating enough calories
    3:06 Training
    4:19 Protein intake
    4:57 Sleep
    6:09 Stress
    7:28 Body-fat percentage
    8:16 Everything else

  3. Andrew Morgan says:

    +OmarIsuf Thank you, appreciated. Let’s hang next time I’m in Toronto smelling up Sol’s spare room with my cookie farts. 😉

    Guys, open to questions if you have them.

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