How to Build Muscle w/ Short Workouts

Short workouts are great for building muscle, especially with calisthenics or bodyweight training. Here's how you can do it without overtraining.

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32 thoughts on “How to Build Muscle w/ Short Workouts

  1. Ezequiel Almada says:

    Excellent as always, Matt. I used to wonder what I was doing wrong because I kept seeing that drop of reps in my third set, particularly with pushups and pullups. I see now maybe I wasn’t doing it that wrong.


    • Origen says:

      Yes, my pullups drop about 2/3 after my first set. That set is so punishing, with my second set pretty fatiguing. The third set if I can get it is a little more than half my second set.

      My old roommate works out 5-6 days a week and would do hour and half to two hour workouts. He always wondered why he wasn’t getting stronger. I have always loved bodyweight workouts and when I found Matt last year I learned about tension. I knew he was on to something. It completely changed my game and with 20 min. workouts (which I enjoy and do everyday now) I have gotten so much stronger and bigger with less work! (Less work to me is long workouts, but my INTENT is stronger). Thanks Matt, I am always watchingfor more!

  2. luke hall says:

    My now only resource for real fitness advice. I have been doing a program similar to you, and the results are even better than ever before. Even with the low volume training, I find that if you actually do the target exercise with correct form, with slow and controlled movement- 2-3 sets of a specific body part, is all we need. Generally I train for no more than 20 minutes at a time, and my friends all think I lift-weights, and are astounded when I tell them I just do calisthenics, the feeling is good.

  3. swaggyt123xyz says:

    Still appreciate you sharing your knowledge …i still struggle with telling my arms to perform inverting the elbows inwards when doing pullups. They always splay outwards. My son performs pullups with your method .

  4. andrew biviano says:

    Matt is an amazing trainer, I was lucky enough to work out with him for a few years…specifically in this video, I ALWAYS decline reps on my third set (from fatigue) and thought of that as a bad thing…thanks for clearing up that issue and countless others!

  5. ToxicVaccines ToxicFluoride, HIV HOAX says:

    I did ten sets of ten push ups with thirty seconds break in between. It took me about 10 – 15 minutes.
    I`m still sore two days later!

  6. V for Vendetta says:

    You are amazing… simply amazing energy and amazing passion for what you’re doing… Nice to see a like minded fellow talking in depth on these things!
    I am listening to you while drawing muscle anatomy and i’m loving every minute of it!
    Keep on what you’re doing dude, you’re a grand inspiration!

  7. MSKS6 says:

    Damn… I started watching your videos some months ago, and today I had a little crisis of changing to a “better” plan…
    This changed (and blew) my mind, I will definetely look into this kind of workout!
    Thank you, sir!

  8. Jeremiah Courter says:

    RedDelta is seriously the best fitness channel out there. Seriously. I hope to one day meet this gentlemen in person one day. Keep up the good work! Fan for life!

  9. Michael Brian says:

    I run my workout as a circuit of 4 rounds. Chin ups, diamond push-ups, dips, squats, leg raise. Takes me 20 minutes and by that 4th round be I’m really pushing towards the end of those reps

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