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This Workout:
I often get asked if its possible to build some muscle at home with limited equipment. 

The simple answer is yes. You can build some quality strength and muscle using just your bodyweight from home for a start 

But if you want to progress building quality muscle from home further, I always recommend adding a kettlebell and resistance bands to your arsenal for home workouts.

Not too expensive, take up no room at all and the amount of things you can do with them is simply incredible. 

You may all know the exercises, but here is just 5 
simple exercises you can do from home today using just a Kettlebell for attacking your upper body and adding some quality muscle 

When it comes to building muscle remember the movement should be slow and controlled throughout , don't be firing the weight up and down.

isolate each muscle and take your time. If you need more resistance just up the weight of the kettlebell

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By Chris Wright

Chris has spent many years working and teaching in the IT field. He enjoys spending time outdoors and learning about new topics. He likes playing golf, spending time at the beach and working on classic cars and woodworking projects.

16 thoughts on “Build Muscle From Home With Just A Kettlebell – 5 Basic Exercises”
    1. +i am ROCK , Absolutely dude, it depends on the individual and what you prefer, but we have so many Zeus fans who love training at home and get fantastic results training at home.

      It’s why I created the Zeus Home Workout Club –

      Already got load of member smashing it and getting great results. Do a lot of training from Home myself as I’m a very busy man 🙂

    1. Try around 5 sets. No I wouldn’t do everyday. You need to let your muscle recover and repair. Again depends on the weight you using. You may want to try every other day or you may even need a couple of days recovery. Again depends on the weight and how your muscles are feeling

  1. Biceps curls with kettlebells are best done with the bell turned upside down and the ball part in the palm of your hand with the k’bell handle underneath. Do not expect to curl as heavy as you can with dumbbells as the centre of gravity is different. In fact hammer curls with a 8kg k’bell can be more difficult than a 15kg dumbbell. I liked it and I am going to try it, but I would not reccommend the k’bell chair chest press until you are used to using kettlebells and have spent a few months building up your all round fitness. Which by the way, kettlebell exercises is the best HIIT cross-training if you’re looking to get back in shape and build muscle. The beauty of kettlebells is whether it is fat loss, regaining fitness, endurance training, or building muscle; you need about three kettlebells of various weights and you can cover all of that.

  2. There is no way that wee kettle bell will get me arms like yours ( that is serious weight you’re pushing) , I only train with kettle bells and love em but I don’t kid myself and know they won’t bulk me up, leaner and stronger n burn fat- yes. If you want serious bulk its dumbbells and barbells.

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