hey guys, what’s up? It’s Stephen with Manflowyoga. That’s what it’s called. Um, normally I’m not on the mat when I’m outside, but there’s a lot of fire ants in this area and the grass kind of dry right now. So up to you whether or not you want to use a mat or practice just on the grass, um, pointed this video I’m making today is to addressed the, uh, the question, can I build muscle mass doing just yoga? The question, your answer to your question is yes, you can build muscle mass just using yoga. You can build muscle mass doing body weight exercises. Is it more effective to do weight lifting? Depends on your goals. If you’re looking to build significant muscle mass, then sure. But if you’re not doing something to kind of balance out the heavy lifting that you’re doing, you’re going to put on a lot of unnecessary book and you’re not going to get that kind of trim lean look that you’re looking for. In my experience. So when I used to lift, I was probably at 12, 12% body fat, which I recognize is very good. But I was also doing a lot of cardio. At that time. I was playing Lacrosse. I was running a lot, um, you know, two hours a day and I still wasn’t as trim as I as I really wanted to be.

Yeah, I’m trying, but, uh, since that time I’ve only been doing body weight exercises and my, uh, my level of body fat has gone down significantly. I probably had an 8% now. Um, and that’s really without any significant change to diet. Um, took out some milk, took out some bread. Um, but uh, the point is yes, you can build muscle mass with yoga and in my opinion, the muscle message you’re going to build you and yoga is a lot leaner, a lot more efficient than the muscle mass that you’re building while you’re doing weights. Can you just do yoga for a healthy body? No, you cannot. You need to do more than yoga. I recommend lifting weights. Weights are great. Um, just make sure that you’re doing something else. And not just lifting weights. Um, I recommend that you’re doing some resistance exercises, uh, with bands.

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If you’re not, if you’re not one to use weights, make sure you’re doing pulling exercises to counter all the pushing that you do in Yoga. Um, lastly, I guess I’ll just give you, um, a couple of couple of ways on how to significantly build muscle mass with yoga. So you want to get to the point where your muscles are saying, no, no, no, no, no, no, I can’t do anymore. And that’s how muscle is built. And typically you want to do this while you’re holding up your body weight in Yoga. So a couple of examples of this, maybe a plank. So if this is, if a plank is really hard for you just doing this, it’s really difficult for you holding it for 30 seconds or a minute, then this will build muscle for you. If this isn’t difficult at all, lower down to a, to a low plank, push your shoulders forward, keep your elbows in tight, keep your belly button lifted.

Try to make a straight line with your body and then hold this for 30 seconds or a minute or two minutes while our body do you want to work on lower body endurance work on just holding up your body in a squat hold, right? So doing something like this, getting to the point where you feel like you’re, you’re gonna fall over because you can’t hold your body weight up, leaning back, knees behind your toes, arms out in front for were very strong and engaged. And then you can also insert it some light squats with this if you want to add a more dynamic movement to it. So anyways, short answer or that, that was the long answer to the question. Can I build muscle mass doing yoga? Yes, you can. And I’ve talked about this many times in my blog. I don’t think I made a video specifically for it.

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So there you go. Um, if you want to see what, um, what a targeted yoga program can do for you. I offer 90 day, um, yoga pro yoga programs, training via Webcam. I have one starting on September 14th, 2015. Um, but I’ll do them every three months. So if you miss it that time around, just go back to manful, yoga.com backslash Webcam hyphen training, and you’ll see all the programs that I offer, I offer. I also offer remote training one-on-one. So if you need a more targeted program or if you need a more specific program or you want to work with me one on one, I also offer that. So I’ll put details in that and the description for this video below. Um, in the meantime, go tell all your friends that you can build muscle mass with yoga. Um, lastly, make sure you download the Manpo Yoga app.

Um, the app has a free exercise guide on it, so you can learn how to do most of the exercises found in man flow yoga. And then it has a routine section that allows you to select your routine, uh, based on difficulty, based on time five, 10, 15 or 20 minutes. Um, and also situation. So some of the posts, some of the workouts are called like, because fuck today. That’s why. And then you’ve also got some that are called five, five minutes to better balance. So lots of routines in there. I upload them weekly. Um, anyways, let me stop talking now. Um, and I will let you guys get on with your day. Um, I’ll see you guys later. Check out the website for details. Sign up for the email list to receive, uh, to be a part of this community, um, until next time. See Ya.

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The long answer to a short but definitive answer: yes.

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By Chris Wright

Chris has spent many years working and teaching in the IT field. He enjoys spending time outdoors and learning about new topics. He likes playing golf, spending time at the beach and working on classic cars and woodworking projects.

39 thoughts on “Can You Build Muscle Mass with Yoga?”
    1. interesting points ,if anyone else is searching for wants to learn about how to get fit with yoga try Jadonite Yoga Fitness Buddy (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my brother in law got amazing results with it.

    1. Robin – more flexibility helps to prevent muscle pulls. You don’t want to do yoga when you have a pulled muscle, though. Use massage techniques or a lacrosse ball to rleease the muscle knot, and then use yoga on a regular basis to help prevent future pulls.

  1. This video could have been so much better if you were not wearing those blue cover shorts, just do videos in the compression shorts only, preferably under armour!

  2. I have to share with you that I practice more of yoga and less gym, since I realized my body wasn’t able to gain weight. I know everything about the “gym muscle science” – even more than their sympathizers -, however, I decided to love myself by embracing this sport. My results: got more elastic and selfrealized than ever before. Therefore, I recommend yoga 🙂

    1. @s subhash gadiyar Yes bro sure. Sorry for replying late, I totally missed the notification. Well, I am amateur but I learned that pace and breath are really crucial. You can do any pose: Downward facing dog; upward facing dog; shataranga low and high plank; warrior 1, 2; etc, but doing it slow gives you enough intensity to build muscle. How you know you are not burning? Well, If you keep practicing not more than an hour; don’t miss your three healthy meals with complex carbs and proteins according your height and weight; drink plenty of water; and do it regularly (daily or three times a week): You are not going to burn muscle, but build it. There are three types of fibres that working out at the gym let you build more of the hypertrophic type. Yoga and gymnastics let you build more of the other two: Strength and resistance which gives you flexibility.

    1. Ya I didnt like when he said you cant just do yoga,oh yes you can ,its all I been doing for many many yrs,n I started doing it in my teens n I’m 44 now ,I’ve lost weight ,toned up n just feel so good

  3. The pose you are doing is ashtanga and chair… that is used in Yoga and Power Yoga lets you mantain and build muscle mass; as you say, not the gym surplus but fittest.

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