When To Take BCAA Supplement?

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what’s up everybody right now we’re going to talk about bcaas and more specifically how much you take in a day and when to take them. So what prompted this video actually is we got a question I, one of our other videos. Okay. And I believe that video was a Q and a how many grams of bcaas as needed daily for optimal growth. But the question was from Anthony C. Yeah. And he says he’s about 190 pounds. He takes boxing classes and he usually has 10 grams, about 45 minutes before another 10 grams after. Is that too much? He also, it’s chicken thighs and a rubella once a day. He states. So, um, take it a step back. The branch, the amino acids, what is the purpose? So we have, it is the quickest, most digestible absorbs absorption rate of all the amino acids. Pretty much it has an effect on muscle protein sentences.

So it is leucine, ice solution and valleys. The Kenan, which is leucine, which has the most or the greatest effect on muscle protein synthesis. Um, so that is a muscle building property that helps with recovery. And it helps with muscle growth, helps with nitrogen retention and it keeps your body in the anabolic state. So that’s the main reason why we’re interested in branch chain amino acids. Um, basically for what the studies, uh, is suggested research out there is about 15 grams of bcaas is ideal, um, throughout your day. Um, so Anthony, with taking the 10 before and 10 after you’re right up there, I mean I’ve taken a couple of intro scripts of a extent actually, which I’ll, I’ll tell you about a second intro workout and that puts me up to 14 right there. And sometimes if I’m coding, I’ll have a scoop or two between meals up.

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Put me a little over 20. So no, it’s not too much. You’re not wasting your money there. Um, it is great for something. Intro workout is the best. So let’s say during your boxing, if you want it to take the, either take out the pre or the posts and turn it into intro, I think you would, if you have time to drink seven sipping on water, sip on brush and amino acids, you’ll notice the slight increase in a journey because it is quickly absorbed and readily available for the body to use. Um, as far as the chicken goes, yes, all protein has [inaudible] amino acids in there, but very well I should say amino acids in there at various years of tons of amino acids. And it depends on the protein source. Well, it really depends on how much quality amino acids you’re getting. So not all proteins are necessarily created equal.

So that’s why it’s good to have suppression, Amino acid supplements in there just in case you’re not getting sources of protein for whole foods throughout the day. So whey protein, a, all your lean meats, your eggs, um, are great to, to have. And really at the end of the day, you should be tracking your protein and your protein goal is a lot more important than focusing solely on how much branch chain amino acids you’re ingesting throughout the day. So figure out your protein goal, track your calories and your macros, and hit your protein requirements. And that’s going to take you a lot further. And again, in between meals, uh, pre-workout, intro, workout and post-workout are the best times to take them. You’re generally not going to sit there and drink branch chain amino acids with the meal. Um, so I’ll buy, address your question if I didn’t. You want me to dive into a little deeper? Leave the, uh, uh, comment below. I’ll get back to you for sure. If you liked this video, please like the video, subscribe to our channel if you’re interested in some of my favorite British and amino acids, I already did a video on it, but checkout citations extend. Uh, it’s probably one of the best out there, in my opinion, and we have it in every flavor on our website. And as always, ladies and gentlemen, thank you for watching.

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39 thoughts on “When To Take BCAA Supplement?

  1. www.SameDaySupplements.com says:

    15 grams is ideal throughout the day. Intra workout is the best time to take it or during your workout (talks about it at 2:08) . Normally you would drink water during your workout, you can add BCAA’s to your water. If your not working out you can take it in between meals (talks about it at 3:28) . You can also add BCAA’s to your pre workout or post workout

  2. Ivan Mendes says:

    These comments on here piss me off. He has clearly mentioned that intra workout is the best time. Put the damn thing into your bottle of water and take it while working out, instead of only drinking pure water.

    • www.SameDaySupplements.com says:

      We don’t have a video on just glutamine yet. You can take BCAA’s and glutamine together. Xtend BCAA already has l-glutamine in it. If you want to take just one product.

  3. Shanice Balladin says:

    Hi I am currently taking a mass gainer and going to gym but I’m finding myself very low on energy, and post workout muscle recovery is hell, can I use bcaa’s. My main goal is to build mass and muscle too, I just don’t wanna lose weight, would this make me lose any weight as well?

  4. Narine Sookram says:

    Hi I have recently started doing weights about two mths now got sum amino 1900 tablets from drugstore was advised by drugist to take two tablets on empty stomach b4 workout can u advise if I need to take more or continue with two.

  5. Den Ciow says:

    Im using the same brand of bcaa in your video.
    And mixing kreatine on it but im taking it before workout.
    Is it ok to still mix kreatine on it and take it intra workout? Because as you said. Intra workout is the best time to take it. Any advice if what should be my pre workout supplement then?

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