How Many Workouts a Week to Build Muscle? 2019 UPDATE

This video took over 20 hours of prep, filming and editing. With 30 mins raw footage condensed into the final 12 minutes. Please watch it in the intended analytical way and apply the information to yourself. Thankyou References Contreras. 2016 Your Optimal Training Frequency For The Glutes Part I: Exercise Type. Official website Grgic et al. 2019 How many times per week should a muscle be trained to maximize muscle hypertrophy? A systematic review and meta-analysis of studies examining the effects of resistance training frequency. J Sports Sci. 2019 Jun;37(11):1286-1295 Nuckols. 2018 Training Frequency for Muscle Growth: What the Data Say. Stronger by Science Saric J et al. 2019 Resistance Training Frequencies of 3 and 6 Times Per Week Produce Similar Muscular Adaptations in Resistance-Trained Men. Schoenfeld et Al. (2017) Dose-response relationship between weekly resistance training volume and increases in muscle mass: A systematic review and meta-analysis, Journal of Sports Sciences Schoenfeld BJ1, Ogborn D2, Krieger JW 2019. Effects of Resistance Training Frequency on Measures of Muscle Hypertrophy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis J Strength Cond Res. Zaroni RS et al. 2019 High Resistance-Training Frequency Enhances Muscle Thickness in Resistance-Trained Men

42 thoughts on “How Many Workouts a Week to Build Muscle? 2019 UPDATE

  1. Fa113nReturns says:

    I don’t workout. I just drink butter coffee loaded with particles from the edge of the universe (trademark goop) and add 18 scoops of BCAAs as recommended by Dr stop-a-panini. I’ve never knew my amino acids could be so high or low before. Boom boom!

  2. Shantanu Sapru says:

    For the TL;DR community: Everything else being equal, esp. training volume, it seems that 2x per week training is definitely better than once per week (w.r.t. each body part/muscle; things might be different w.r.t. movement patterns/joints being subjected/trained!).
    Is 3x per week even better? Dunno. Maybe. However, there seems to be a ‘law of diminishing returns’ w.r.t. training freq. when going beyond 2-x per week (if volume is equated). This is more true for ‘average’ ‘noobies’, and things might be different for ‘resistance-trained’ people — who MAY benefit from higher volume and/or higher freq.
    Also, large compound movements (& high intensity sessions) seem to take a greater-than-average toll on the body, so MAY be safer (& more efficient in muscle/strength building) if done 2-3x times per week, and not more. Recovery & injury prevention is key/critical!! As is over-training.
    So, “No” to over-volume and/or over-freq. training (except maybe in highly trained people/high level athletes, for short durations?)

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