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  1. Harrison Clark says:

    So what about multiple, recent studies showing the high-frequency training (training each muscle 2-3 times a week) with the volume spread out over the week instead of blasting one body part once a week, being much more superior for muscle growth?

  2. "Beer And Bones" says:

    So true! I remember in the early 90s we would all lift 6 days a week. The guys that would only go with us 2 or 3 days got the biggest . We couldnt understand back then why.

    • Andrew Colvin says:

      I got to my biggest on accident. I would go monday Tuesday and say Thursday when I started my job and I blew up. Used to go every day when I didn’t know better. I was lean and had some size but not like when I actually rested. I’m happy I realized it at a young age

  3. Cesar Guerrero says:

    First good morning Colombo and just want express my self and said thank you for you advised look very come sens about it I workout if I feel a little bit tare I rest and no rush for nothing because I have work out smart thank you

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