6 Pack Workout

1,Cable Crunch 2sets to failure
We use rope in this exercise.Put rope on head and keep it.You bend your waist and squeeze abs.You can squeeze abs more if you round your head.

2, Cable Twist 2sets to failure
We use onehand grip for this exercise.Hang this with both hands.Keep arms and lower from diagonally above to diagonally below.When you down grip, squeeze your oblique muscle.

3, Leg raise
We use chining grip for this exercise.Put strength in your abs, do not move your upper body.Raise your ony legs.

4, Dumbbell Leg Raise
Put a light dumbbell between your feet.If you do not want, you do not need dumbbells.Only body is enough.Put only your hip on the bench.Squeeze your abs when you raise your legs.

5, Russian Twist
This exercise do not need weight if you do not need.Move legs and arms in opposite directions.Squeeze your oblique muscle.

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By Chris Wright

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