How To Build Real Heavy Muscle Mass At Home With Calisthenics

Want To Bulk Up Fast? But You Don’t Want To Gain Fat Too! If You Find It Tough To Gain Muscle At Home With Calisthenics Then This Guide Is For You

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27 thoughts on “How To Build Real Heavy Muscle Mass At Home With Calisthenics

  1. OfficialBarstarzz says:

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  2. SoberRS says:

    i need serious help or something. i have a high metabolism and adhd so im always burning extra calories but to gain weight out of my skinny maintance weight ive done it before gained 5lbs but only by eating out like crazy.

  3. Pen Umbra says:

    he says 10 sets per week… then duz a wrkout of 9 sets, to be done 2-3 times a week… umm… this is the kinda thing where i waste 1.5 yrs overtraining and wondering why i never get stronger

  4. Gabriel Baca says:

    It’s been decades since I did pull ups , I struggle with 2 , sad but true. You’re an inspiration , what can I do on off days of pull ups to strengthen myself

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