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Pretty sure I invented a word in this video… "latte-tino" lol. Anyways in today's video I wanted to show you guys how I build muscle while burning fat at the same time. This is proof on my dexa scan results, where over a 6 month period last year I gained 6 lbs. of muscle mass while burning close to 3 lbs. of fat. This is considered a "recomp" and if you want to improve your body composition it is very important that you go through periods of recomp where you are making improvements in both your muscle gains and lowering your body fat percentage. There is a ton of controversial and people on youtube like @Jeff Nippard who think that building muscle while burning fat is harder than it is for naturals. Im an experienced lifter and I was able to gain 6 lbs of muscle while burning 3 lbs. of fat, so many of the videos on youtube regarding "building muscle and burning fat at the same time" are inaccurate based on my results. Here are a few videos on youtube that I watched about this topic before making my video on building muscle and burning fat at the same time. Also many people reference this recomp as "building muscle while losing weight" – but i like to specificy "fat loss" as fat loss and weight loss don't mean exactly the same thing.

Building muscle while burning fat videos I watched for research/reference about this topic:

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  1. Great job. We appreciate you. It is a lot of other youtube fitness guys are saying you use steroids and you are pushing bad supplements. Don’t let those guys get you down.

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