BEST Resistance Bands Workout For Building Muscle (Killer Exercises!)

Guy… I know what you’re thinking. Shouldn’t men be lifting actual weights? Well in this video I am going to show you how to build muscle using resistance bands in your workout.

Resistance training is super important, especially as you get older. Building muscle has so many benefits, besides looking good, of course. That is why resistance training is so important.

There are 5 major muscle groups in your body, aside from your core. Your chest, back, shoulders, arms, and our legs. I am going to show you how to use resistance bands to work every one of those muscle groups. Legs are the biggest muscle group, so I will give 2 exercises for your legs with resistance bands.

Exercise #1… Resistance Squats. Step in the middle of the band, and make sure it is equal on both sides. Raise the band above your shoulders and do squats. Keep your back straight, and the bigger the range of motion you have the better.

Exercise #2… Chest Flys. Keep your elbows bent, your arms don’t need to be locked out. Bring your arms up on an angle with a slow controlled movement.

Exercise #3… Back Rows. Have your knees slightly bent and keep a straight back. Just bring your elbows back and squeeze your shoulder blades with the contraction.

Exercise #4… Push Downs. This is the simplest and most effective exercise for hitting your triceps. It’s a similar movement as the cable machines you have probably used before. The only difference is we are using resistance bands. Use slow controlled movements to really hit your triceps.

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Exercise #5… One-Armed Concentration Curls. Put your hand on your waist and lock your elbow on your hand, that will be your anchor point. That will help with strict form for the entire range of motion, to really work your biceps. Do that for each arm for this resistance band exercise.

Exercise #6… Onto shoulder, we are going to do Lateral Raises. Stand in the middle of the band, have a slight bend in your elbows, and bring your elbows up to your shoulders. You are going to feel the burn in this one, and you’ll have a nice pump.

To wrap it up, I am going to show you a resistance band exercise that you can do for your core. This exercise is called Wood Choppers. Start with the band up high, and you are going to rotate your core while bringing the resistance band down. You are going to do that for each side, using a single handle on the resistance band.

Well guys, that wraps up this video on how to build muscle using resistance bands.

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16 thoughts on “BEST Resistance Bands Workout For Building Muscle (Killer Exercises!)

  1. Live Anabolic says:

    If you use them the right way…

    Resistance bands can help you build muscle…

    Maybe not if you’re an “experienced” lifted who’s been hitting the gym hard for the past 5 years… 

    But if you’re just starting to get back in shape…

    Or you’ve been out of it for a while (or just getting into working out)

    Resistance bands are good on your joints and can be quite the challenge… again, when you use them the right way. I’ll show you how…

  2. Donald Cameron says:

    I’m a trucker cross country I do the resistance bands and on my trailer are the big doors I hang my bands off the hinges and use the mirror mounts to do pulldowns and my moose goose on the front I use this as well over a year I lost 40- lbs, and about two pant sizes because it was time , good to see this from you big guy it’s cool , oh’ I’m 63 yrs, 5’7 was 239 lbs down to 190 lbs , can’t help it for years was a runner still am but it’s called jogging know days , cool to see what your going to do next I use a lot of what you there feels great , see you later from Don Cameron

  3. Mike D says:

    Thank You for this video. Can you suggest brands and range of bands to get. I live on a sailboat during the summer and want to get resistance bands for exercise. I think they are far more convenient to have than dumbbells and they are heavy and bulky to store.

  4. Greg Charleston says:

    Just started adding the bans happy with the burn at 68 heavy may not be the safest option for me being a block layer most of my life strength is not the issue getting my non dominated side to pick it up is my goal and bands may just be what I am looking for well done keep it up

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