10 Things NOT To Do When Building Muscle!!

For all the very nice people who ask to chat about fitness/muscles/gym/flexing, let's try and get it going. We all want to build muscle buts it's really hard. Here's 10 things NOT to do because in terms of what TO DO, well it differs wildly!

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18 thoughts on “10 Things NOT To Do When Building Muscle!!

  1. Brandon Sorensen says:

    That one guy “Simon you clueless on muscle building”……the rest of us “the man eats 5lbs dumbbells every 2-3 hours…..I’ll follow his lead”

    P.S. you can lack grammar when your built like David, well done as always

  2. kdisley says:

    Hi Simon, I’m unhappily working as a shop cleaner at the moment (in an unpleasant environment – it’s not so much the work as the job) but I’m looking to quit that and become a freelance writer. As a result of this upcoming career change, I’m having a bit of a “Sliding Doors” moment – I can see one life where I’m stuck in a miserable job pushing a mop for the rest of my life, and another where I’m doing what I love in the soft glow of a monitor.

    (I’m saying this up front for context, so you don’t think I’m saying, “You should stop doing this Youtube thing!” lol)

    Listening to you speak about fitness and lifting with such passion and enthusiasm makes me wonder… did you ever consider becoming a personal trainer? I’m not much of a gym person – I prefer to do a simple workout at home because I’m self-conscious about looking like I’m built out of bamboo and elastic bands with a football shoved in the middle – but I gave it a couple of tries over the years and personal trainers can be a little… _intimidating_ (depending on where you go).

    With your infectious enthusiasm and your positivity and your attention to mental as well as physical health, I’d imagine you’d be a shining example of what some personal trainers in my experience… well, just _aren’t._ I’m just wondering if there was ever a point in your life where you thought, “I could go _this_ way and be a games journalist or a vlogger, or I could go _this_ way and devote myself to my passion for fitness”?

    Like I say, I wouldn’t be without your marvelous freeform Youtube stuff (both here and at WhatCulture), but did you ever have your own “Sliding Doors” moment like I’m having now, and what made you go left instead of right…?

  3. Joris Weyen says:

    Yeah, I’m no longer gonna say that I’m going to the gym. Now I’m gonna say that I’m gonna pick up heavy things so I can pick up heavier things later on

  4. AdzBrandMusic says:

    Good to see you giving fitness a go on youtube! There’s definitely space for you on there, maybe look at some Athlean X, Jeff Nippard and others, there’s potential that you outside the context of a livestream could make a really decent fitness channel

  5. Ryan Hughes says:

    Can anyone on this feed help me out I’m body weight training and was wondering how I could split it up through the week looking to train 6 days Sunday of also realistically can i expect to gain much muscle I can knock out 100 straight push ups but I’m not growing I feel it’s not splitting my days

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