10 Simple Things You Can Do To BUILD MUSCLE!!

Building muscle is hard. It takes time, effort, dedication and numerous time you'll feel like you're not getting anywhere. HOWEVER! There are some simple things you can incorporate that don't take much effort which will help get you back on track. Here they are!

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17 thoughts on “10 Simple Things You Can Do To BUILD MUSCLE!!

    • Grant Best says:

      I live in the tropics, stayinh hydrated is a constant cycle. Wake up drink water, have coffee, drink water, drink water before eating, drink water before sweating, drink water after sweating. Gotta get up and Mark my territory 3 or 4 or 5 times a night

  1. DevilsGrinKaljuun says:

    Excellent tips. I’ve had DDPY a while now too. They’re amazing ways to finish a workout to me. Still tough and engaging, but good finishers to still get stretched out.

  2. Shevek says:

    As a skinny dude who’s seen significant gains over the past year through just following a 5-6 day workout program at home, this was amazing advice. Thanks Simon, much love mate!

  3. Brent Craig says:

    I haven’t started working out and I somehow literally just found out you have your own YouTube channel and I already appreciate the tips and even though you may not see this comment thank you for these videos because I have been wanting to start working out for a while and I think these videos and tips will be helpful

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