Protein Powder: How to use WHEY for MUSCLE GROWTH

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Whey protein lene ka best time kya hai? Kya whey protein ke koi side effects hote hai? Benifits of whey protein? Whey protein kiske saath lena chahiye? How is whey protein made? This video covers everything you need to know about whey protein powder & how you can use whey to build muscle mass.

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    Randomly came across your video and after watching few more videos I must say that you have sound knowledge at such a younger age. Yes I have subscribed few days ago to keep watching more of your content. Keep up the hard work, alot of love and best wishes bro.

    • Saket Gokhale says:

      Means the world to me man 🙂 I appreciate your support, wouldn’t be where I am today without any of y’all
      I promise to keep spreading good information, looking forward to hearing from you soon❤️

  2. Aditya creation says:

    I show your video to my father and my papa say after lockdown we will go and buy a protein powder thanks for uploading this video after lockdown I will change my life my life change credit goes to you means Saket Gokhale

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