How to Lose “Stubborn” Belly Fat (GONE IN 4 STEPS!)

If you want to see how to lose stubborn belly fat and get rid of it once and for all, then this is a video that you don’t want to miss. Here I’m going to ask you 4 tough but important questions that you will need to answer honestly. When you do however, I can promise you that you will lose your belly fat for good and never have to worry about it coming back again.

Losing fat is one of the easiest and hardest things to do when it comes to getting in shape. This is because science makes it very clear what the process is. The issue however is that sticking to what science says we should do can become challenging and fat loss can stall pretty quickly. That said, the first thing we all must do is look in the mirror. No, not to look at the areas where you are storing your stubborn fat like on your belly, hips or love handles.

Instead, you need to look in the mirror to face the tough assessment that is often times needed to get over the hump. You first must be willing to address the “how to lose stubborn belly fat” question. Is it really stubborn? Meaning, are you carrying just too much fat around your waist because your overall body fat levels are high or are we talking about the last few percentage points of fat levels that stick around despite your best and most consistent efforts.

If it’s the former, then increasing the consistency with which you do the right thing will quickly get you to the next level of fat loss. If however you believe you are doing everything you can but still can’t seem to get to the lean ripped level you want to be, then the additional questions will help to dig into the “why”.

We start with drinking. I understand that the desire to drink is driven far more by social benefits than it is by simply trying to quench your thirst. For this reason, it is often something that many people are unwilling to forgo. I can tell you this however. With the rapid pace that one is able to consume and pile up liquid calories along with the metabolic impact that alcohol has on your ability to burn fat, drinking is always going to make it more difficult to get ripped and lean and to lose body fat than not drinking.

That said, you have to ask yourself how important it is for you to have a six pack. If that doesn’t mean as much to you as partaking in certain social activities then you will have to find the balance that makes you most happy. This is going to be individual for everyone and nobody should place their expectations on you, me included.

Next we have to discuss your nutrition. No pursuit of fat loss can occur without a frank discussion about what you are consuming every day. In order to lose fat you have to be in a calorie deficit, period. How you get there however, is very important. If you use crash diets and carbohydrate exclusion methods, you are likely never going to see the long term success you should in trying to lose fat and will be unhappy when you put back on any weight lost.

If you are in a deficit but still have to lose belly fat, then you have to assess three other areas discussed in this video. The first is the cleanliness of your diet. How healthy are you really eating? Often times, this is not as good as you may think it is. If however you insist that it is good but you have more fat to lose then you next must evaluate your portion sizes. If this is good still, then you have nothing left but to be honest about your consistency. Here is where an assessment of your cheat meal frequency comes in.

From here, your training must be evaluated. You must train. Diet alone is never going to be enough when it comes to losing belly fat forever. A training plan that consists of more than just cardio is necessary if you want to build lean muscle tissue capable of helping to increase your metabolism and get you burning more calories more easily. Here is where 3-5 time per week weight training with an inclusion of barbell complexes is ideal.

Finally, ab training is something you will want to do as well. Not because there are any spot reduction benefits of this but because when these muscles are developed you get a visual impact that often helps to motivate you to keep doing more of the other things mentioned earlier.

If you are looking for a step by step workout and meal plan that will get rid of belly fat, get you more ripped than ever and help you to build athletic muscle, be sure to visit at the link below and check out any one of the ATHLEAN-X programs that best matches your current goals.

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63 thoughts on “How to Lose “Stubborn” Belly Fat (GONE IN 4 STEPS!)

  1. ATHLEAN-X™ says:

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  2. La Petite Chérie says:

    I love how this video seems to be just another non-sense diet or targeted exercise in youtube, but is actually a reasoned and realistic strategy to lose belly fat.

  3. Josh Parker says:

    One of the hardest things about seeking fitness advice is that every guru claims to have the secret to fat loss, getting a six pack, etc., and often times they contradict each other. AthleanX is my favorite fitness youtuber because he has the credentials as a physical therapist and trainer, backs his assertions with proof and science, and you can tell he’s genuinely passionate about the subject. Thanks Jeff for all you do for everyone!

    • Alexander Schwarz says:

      @Lucien LaChance I do have my own nitpicks with Jeffs advice and way of teaching sometimes too. What i think you should keep in mind thou is the target group. He gives very specific advice for very specific purposes, on the fitness/workout side he gives pretty extreme advice how to really optimize your excercises, it’s not really meant for someone who “just wants to incorporate some excercise in his life”. The same goes for most of his diet advice, this doesn’t propose a plan for really obese people to lose weight, it’s not even about weight in the end, it’s for fit people trying to lose that extra %-bodyfat to reveal their underlying muscles.
      From what i took from your comment you don’t necessarily disagree with what he says but would love more in-depth scientific explanation too. Which is understandable. I agree that Obese people first need to learn how to “eat right” and how to achieve and sustain that. I just think that’s not really the topic here. Also even with eating right – the matter is of course much more complex but bottom line, to lose weight, you’d need a healthy calorific deficit, healthy as in not a too big one(long term is king) and one that still give you all nutrients you need. <3

    • Miguel Rocha says:

      @Lucien LaChance wasnt jeff saiyng at the bicep pushup that its not a good bicep size gaining exercise? I do agree that about the exersize. However, i dont take it out entirely, as it has its place in calistenics.

    • Player says:

      @Lucien LaChance “Are they just lazy and unmotivated?”

      Yes. If you put half as much effort into diet and exercise as you did that comment maybe you’d make some progress.

  4. Sean McGrath says:

    Substitute teacher: Herman?
    Herman: Here.
    Teacher: Jake?
    Jake: Here.
    Teacher: Jeff?
    [no answer]
    Teacher: Jeff?
    [no answer]
    Teacher: [sighs] Jeff Cavaliere, Athlean-X dot com?
    Jeff: Occupational mistakes are killing your gains.

    • Marcel Vanselow says:

      California Dreaming that‘s a really good tip. Replacing every joice and/or soda with (tap)water is one of the easiest and most important steps to loose weight!

  5. shoaib khalid says:

    I was just arguing with my brother how binge drinking affects your body fat level. And then Jeff posts this video the next morning. I feel like whenever I think about something Jeff reads my mind and posts a video on it. Love this guy!

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