If you have a pair of dumbbells then you can do this total body dumbbell workout. From beginner to advanced, it doesn’t matter what level of fitness you have you will have a home workout option to help you build muscle and get in shape quickly. The key to this dumbbell workout is that it trades in workout length for intensity. You won’t have to work out for more than 20 minutes to get good results from this circuit.

To start, pick a single set of dumbbells that you will use for the duration of this workout. Beginners should use somewhere around 10 pound dumbbells. Intermediate lifters can use dumbbells that weigh close to 30 pounds (give or take a few pounds in either direction). The most advanced will likely use a set of dumbbells that weigh around 50 pounds.

The entire workout is broken down into 4 rounds. Each round consists of two home dumbbell exercises with the first always being a variation of the renegade row. The goal is to complete 5 reps on each arm of the row, either staying in one place if you are a beginner or limited on home workout space or by traveling as you perform them as shown.

Once you complete those you then have to stand up and perform your exercise for 40 seconds. If you need to rest at all, do so in rest pause fashion keeping it as brief as possible. Once the 40 seconds are done you walk back to the starting spot and rest 20 seconds before proceeding into the next exercise in the circuit workout. No rest is taken between rounds in this circuit. After the entire circuit is performed, take a 2 minute rest and aim to complete the entire full body dumbbell workout a total of 3 times.

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The workout is broken down round by round as follows.

Round 1:
Renegade Row March x 5 each arm
Dumbbell Thrusters x 40 seconds / Rest 20 seconds

Round 2:
Renegade Row March x 5 each arm
DB Sprinter Lunges x 40 seconds / Rest 20 seconds

Round 3:
Renegade Row March x 5 each arm
Close Grip Squeeze Ups x 40 seconds / Rest 20 seconds

Round 4:
Renegade Row March x 5 each arm
Dumbbell High Pulls from Floor x 40 seconds / Rest 20 seconds

If you can complete this circuit workout with ease, then consider either performing another entire circuit or just increasing the weight of the dumbbells that you’re using. The goal is not to simply get a sweat up by doing this. You want to feel as if you worked out and that your muscles are fatigued when finished. This is not simply a cardiovascular workout.

As for the muscles that you are hitting with this home dumbbell workout, there are many. The thruster is hitting your shoulders, legs, triceps and upper chest. The sprinter lunges are best at recruiting the muscles of the posterior chain like the hamstrings and glutes. The close grip squeeze ups are an intense pushup variation that will really light up the pecs while making the triceps do a lot of work. Finally, the high pulls will hit the traps, shoulders and muscles of the upper back not to mention the quads. The staple exercise of the renegade row is great at hitting the lats and mid-scap muscles while placing a heavy emphasis on the core and biceps.

If you give this a try, please be sure to let me know how you liked it in the comments below.


The key to building muscle at home with dumbbells is to know the right exercises to perform. This total body workout is going to allow you to hit every muscle in your legs, back, chest, shoulders, arms and core with just 5 carefully selected dumbbell exercises. It's time to start building muscle at home without having to spend hours trying to do it.

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68 thoughts on “Ultimate Total Body Dumbbell Workout (BEGINNER TO ADVANCED!)”
    1. I’m thinking about to buy dumbbells too and suddenly this video came out.
      Jeff is really understand what his audience needs and it’s kinda scary lmao

  1. *NEW “FAST ACTION” Q&A* – Got a question about training or injuries that I didn’t cover in the video? Leave yours (AS A SEPARATE COMMENT!) below and I’ll pick 8 to get a detailed reply from me right here in the comments. Answers will be posted within the first 24-48 hours of you leaving the question. Good luck!

    1. I have a simple yes-no question, although the answer could include how to modify what I’m doing. It’s about this dumbbell workout, although it might apply to almost any workout.

      So I’m a surprisingly weak 70+ guy who runs ultramarathons. Here’s how doing the dumbbell workout went:

      I can do the stationary Renegade Row March x 5 each arm. Then rest a few seconds, because I’m gasping for air. I have room to do the forward-march version, but tend to fall over, if I do and am then super out of breath. The second half of each round also leaves me panting. This gets better with each round, as my heart rate increases.

      On the first pass through the 4 rounds, I could do only 3 squeeze push-ups with my knees remaining on the floor. On the subsequent passes I could do 0.

      I did 3 passes instead of 4. My abs, pecs, forearms, and lower back are now a little sore.

      The question is whether doing this crappy a job means it’s not worth doing. I’d guess the answer is that since I’m doing the best I can, I should continue and will presumably get better with time. The other part of the question would be how to modify the routine. But the only part I can’t do at all is the squeeze push-ups, which forces me to modify by keeping my knees on the floor.

      My motto has become: There’s nothing wrong with being weak, as long as you’re doing something about it.

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    3. Hey Jeff,can you please a full body resistant band workout video especially for training of back muscles using a resistant band . It will be really helpful

  2. Whenever I do push-ups sometimes my right hand’s joints start paining just after doing 3 to 4 push-ups , I basically do 30 to 40 push-ups at once

    1. Try dumbbells or pushup bars, I have wrist problems so that’s what I do. Also I find that you get a deeper pushup (more range of motion), and no wrist pain do to your wrists being straight like your throwing a punch.

  3. Round 1
    1:00 DB death march – 5x each arm
    1:22 DB thrusters – 40 seconds
    { 20 second rest }
    Round 2
    1:00 DB death march – 5x each arm
    1:55 DB sprinter lunge – 40 seconds
    { 20 second rest }
    Round 3
    1:00 DB death march – 5x each arm
    2:07 Close grip DB pushups – 40 seconds
    { 20 seconds rest }
    Round 4
    1:00 DB death march – 5x each arm
    2:50 DB high pulls from floor – 40 seconds
    { 20 seconds rest }
    Repeat the whole workout 2 times

    1. @Shakti Yeh but he implies that if you’re not tired after doing it, increase the weight so you ARE tired….at least that’s what his video description implies. So it’s hard to tell how many times a week he’s saying you should be doing. It’s literally the only thing missing in Athlean-X videos. I wish he’d tell us how often we should be doing it so we can work out what weight we should use.
      If it’s 3 times a week then obviously it’d be heavier weights but if it’s daily they’d need to be lighter. So yeh I wish he’d indicate that :/

  4. Hey Jeff I’ve a suggestion for your Comment Q and A- You should note the best questions you get through your comments and make a monthly video addressing those questions,it would promote people to be more engaged and adding productive questions as well as give you more content to make and a better connection with your followers! What do you think about this Jeff?

    1. @Shahid Only found one video of Jeff about exercises for calves, so i dont think he trains them enough, and i know genetics sucks, i myself have small calves ( even tho they are the strongest muscle in my body, in therms of weight lifting that is ).

  5. QUESTION (or idea for a future video):

    What training-related injuries have you accumulated over the years?

    Which of these have completely healed?

    Which are still present to a degree,and how do they affect your workouts?

  6. Hey Jeff, I actually have two questions:
    1. The situation: I miss a training. Lets say I train Mon-Fri and I could do my Wed workout. Should I just shift the rest of my workouts this week and train Thu-Wed-Sat, or just skip the workout?
    2. Recently I had a meniscus surgery (a resection, nothing serious). What exercises would you recommend to start from and what to avoid in the future?

    1. @Stitchowi I am 65 years old so my body can’t look like you young folks even if I had the means to achieve optimal results.
      Yeah, weight gain, mostly on the upper body. I don’t overdo it with 15 -20 minutes a day with the exercises Jeff prescribed. I got a set of dumbells, and I use 15 lbs for now.

    2. @Dennis Tchen take ur time. Have ur rest days . Eat correctly. Results will come by time if those things come. Ur already 60 so i guess get in good health first ,once ur body breeze through the routine then slowly staking up resistance to get that good bod.

    3. @skulqerX Thanks. I did skip tonight’s routine. I am going every other day and will look into whey protein from Sam’s club for a quick pick me up before the workout.
      I doing this for myself and also my young girlfriend have a body that doesn’t quit. Don’t want to be the party pooper. Lol

    4. @Dennis Tchen ya . Whey before and during rest days are essential. Diet and supplements are a whole other topics. Just keeping it in mind,ur already 60 . I imagine just keep in mind about ur kidneys. Do a blood test for kidney and have someone interpret it like bianually. As for during whey drinking , drink lots of other excess water to help your kidneys filtrate them. Im talking around 1.2 – 1.5 Litres per day and depending on ur active days( could go to above 2 litres) should be enough and great . Care for ur kidneys okay . Keep it up

    5. @skulqerX Yes. I drink about 6 to 7 of those 16.9 oz bottles a day. Btw, to combat Covid or not to get infected, I take my vitamins, and 20,000 IU in vitamin D3.
      I hope to see some results in 90 days.
      Would love to know how many people watching Jeff’s channel are already body builders and those that are starting out. Just curious. Thanks again.

    1. Just do dips instead of pushups on the testing days. On the non testing day’s keep the same exercises for triceps and shoulders and do the chest focused pushups on an incline to hit the lower chest

  7. Hey Jeff! Here’s a question that I have:
    What’s the best way to deal with forearm and wrist pain, what steps should you take to make sure that you recover as quickly as possible, and how do you know when you are fully recovered and ready to train again?

    1. The fact that this has 1K likes is scary. Do some fucking leg raises, crunches, and twists and lose weight if you’re fat and vwalla! Not as hard as people make it out to be.

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