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  1. Bully,
    I have old woman knees.
    Nice to know I can wear “knee-sleeves” to perhaps to enable Me to possibly do lunges& I really would LOVE to be able to do squats w/o knee pain!

  2. PLEASE,Bully,
    Dont do collabs w/ others….other t hff an Ure Wife.
    I dont desire to see anyone else Working Me Out.
    Just U.
    Or Ure lovely Wife.
    No other trainers needed.

  3. Tell me someone else who also instantly hops into the exercises, shows it off, explains why it’s good for legs, and then provides a photo of the muscles it targets.

  4. Loving the new set up and how you add in audio. Definitely the presentation of your videos are alot better. Although all that really matters is the gains and you are definitely gaining muscle, great exercises.

  5. I’ve actually been using these very workouts as my leg day for months, after researching I figured these were easily the best of the bunch. Hamstring curls and single leg RDLs are very underrated

    I go;
    Goblet squat
    Reverse lunges
    Hamstring curls
    Single-leg rdls
    Calf raises (on a decline)
    Start with 1:30rest between each set, after completing an exercise increase the rest by 5 seconds (don’t add 5seconds between lunges/ reverse lunges.)

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