Getting shredded is no easy task, staying shredded year round is even harder. But it's not impossible and with these tips I wanted to help you build a lifestyle that will allow you to be shredded 365 days a year.

A solid way to increase your potential for fat loss is to simply increase your caloric output. Most people begin their fat loss targets by attacking their diet. They strip everything bad from their diet and then often times begin to under eat. The problem with this is that making radical shifts in your eating habits can be difficult to maintain. The better way to go about it is to attack your weight loss journey from both angles. Ultimately becoming a calorie burning machine

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23 thoughts on “How to Stay Shredded 365 Days a Year”
  1. (* I COMMENTED THIS ON FRAZER WILSONS EATING VID *) dude you eat more calories than Just Merk and Ricahrd Duchon and they eat around 2,600 calories from their vid and you eat around 3,200 Merk claims natural (idk about Richard) and is way bigger and is a little less or even as lean as u which is crazy that’s a 600 calorie difference between y’all your obviously natural and genetics don’t change someone’s size that much from someone else Merk is pretty big and I like his channel but omg just come clean that goes for everyone thats on something.also forgot one thing I called Merk out before he said he didn’t eat much because he’s never that hungry I then said hunger doesn’t mean u can eat less calories and be that big natural.

  2. You should make programs directed at different sports.
    Like training the muscles you use in basket or swimming or soccer etc. while not getting heavy.
    You could make it into a series maybe..?

  3. Work manager: “What’s a highlight for you this week?”
    Me: “Fraser the Shred M@sTer blessing me with some GODLY advice at the end of the week”

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