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28 thoughts on “BUILDING A FULL HOME GYM!!

  1. Mr. Roaring Riot says:

    Awesome vid man, I can’t wait to make me a home gym soon as well, but I mostly gonna use Iron Cast Dumbbells and Iron weight plates. Love your home gym man.

  2. Not Bhavya says:

    Dude, thank you for insipiring teenagers like me who are lazy and dont wanna work out. I saw your 20 minute workout and gotta say man. The results are great. i go exercise more often and look in shape.
    Thanks for the vids and inspiring me.

  3. Maka Why says:

    I am moving back to my home country Nigeria and my biggest aspirations are to build my home gym for my YT contents and promote fitness and wellness industry all over Africa because it’s so much neglected.
    Nice content Bully. You’re getting better on daily basis. More blessings bro.

  4. Wade Evan says:

    Hey I recently started helping my roommates get into the gym but their lack of commitment is driving me down. In this situation what would you do? Keep pushing them or do my own thing and continue hitting the gym by myself?

  5. Kosta L says:

    Hey Bully Juice, just wondering if its worse, better, or doesn’t make a difference at all to use bands rather than dumbells for exercises such as curls etc. Right now I don’t have access to any dumbells but I have bands that go up to 140 pounds of resistance. Is it working my muscles in a different way? Should I do more reps, less or the same amount? Thanks, I love your videos and you’ve really helped me build muscle and just brighten up my days in general!

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