Here is my 2 month bulking transformation! I have been on a quest to do as much research as possible so that i can bring you guys nothing but the BEST information.

Everyone is different when it comes to putting on weight or losing weight. It's no different when it comes to bulking. You have to figure out what the best bulking diet, bulking workout, sets and reps, and all that other good stuff.. which will best fit YOU!My goal is always to help you guys become better versions of yourself.

You don't have to be a pro bodybuilding or some magic calisthenic person to look good and in shape. Lets become healthier versions of ourselves!

Muscle Hypertrophy Book: https://amzn.to/3kHQ3Fk


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  1. Goku1202 says:

    This man is motivation himself. Thank you for all of what you do for the community, the people, the subscribers. I can’t stop doing your workout and I won’t. Much love and thank you God Bless.

  2. Azja Rene' says:

    I can definitely relate because I’m in the military and it is a struggle when it comes to finding time for everything! Glad everything worked out for you! Keep grinding! ✨

  3. Vindictive Savage says:

    Idk how many people tell you this but I’m proud of you Bully for not only continuing to churn out these videos for us but realizing that you need to nurture your daughter and just stepping up as a father in general! We still have great role models out there you show me that every vid.

  4. _flipking_ Blake says:

    Puts away his training to the side to help us and stays away from his family for long periods of time to protect our country. What a hero. You are motivating people all around the world everyday. Keep it up because you are definitely making a change in my life. God Bless!

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