HOME MADE MASS GAINER SHAKE for muscle building / FOR EXTREME MASS/WEIGHT GAIN || (32gm protein)

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home made mass gainer shake is good for all age group people

nutrition value: calories 250, protein 6gm, fiber 5gm, fat 2.5gm

2. MILK 400ml (6gm fat pack)
nutrition value : 210 calories, protein 14gm,

3. PEANUTBUTTER 2TBSP (I Prefer Myfitness peanutbutter)
nutrition value: calories 200, protein 8gm, fiber 5gm good fats 15gm

4. BANANAS 2nos
nutrition value: calories 180, protein 2gm, fats 0.3gm, fiber 2.6gm

almonds 7pcs, cashews 7pcs, raisins 20pcs, roll nuts 2pcs, dates 2pcs,
nutrition value: calories 350, protein 1.5gm, fats 2.7gm,

6. HONEY as per taste

7. COCOA POWDER OR CHOCOLATE POWDER as per taste half tsp

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