How To Build Muscle With MOUNTAINDOG (John Meadows)

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John Meadows makes some interesting and intelligent videos. My video focuses on a basic dumbbell chest workout with a discussion of key concepts.
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32 thoughts on “How To Build Muscle With MOUNTAINDOG (John Meadows)

  1. YetAnotherUser says:

    John Meadows is amazing. Been subscribed for quite some time and his info is great. He is awesome as well. Very honest.
    It sounds like someone I know: Jamesssss Linkerrrrr. Cheers, mate.

    • Kevin Clements says:

      @FitLabb I am coming out of it now fully but the damage was done, it’s irreversable. It makes me so angry as I was taking precaitions & got it, but others are much more cavalier and don’t seem to get it. And for idiots like the MAGA hats those people should all get it & then tell us it’s a hoax. It ain’t a hoax or a joke or a “plandemic” it’s real & will be with us for a while. It’s going to kill a lot more people & all because of arrogance, pride & I know better than scientists-ism….just plan hard-headed stupidity. The idiots say this was made up to bring Trump down, but think had he responded in the way he should hve thousands would still be alive & he would have won in a historic landslide. He did this to himself because of his stupidity

    • FitLabb says:

      Kevin Clements I’m not a political person, but I pretty much agree with everything you said, except for the part where you predicted Trump would win if not for this. I think he sealed his fate long before this disaster. Either way, hopefully you’ll be all better soon and I really hope all the doubters of this disease wake up and start doing their part to take care of themselves and the rest of us as well. We’re only as good as our weakest links in this mess.

  2. Kels Goad says:

    Thank you James for blessing my timeline again. Have you ever considered making a video about the conjugate method and Louie Simmons? I feel like there are many different aspects of his training philosophy which could be beneficial to many different people despite the controversy surrounding it.

  3. ndhoox12 says:

    John is like the Bob Ross of fitness. He doesn’t need to shout at you to get the point. Don’t let my Doctor hear this tho, he’ll call me a moron for not buying his friggin cook book.

  4. Pat Lam says:

    John Meadows gave science evidence also in regards to BCAA reverse affect and a waist of time he is pretty good overall. Thanks for covering John Meadows as he is pretty good in explaining the fundamentals and technique.

  5. pubcollize says:

    2:37 You’re joking about a spider crawling next to your face, but last week I was doing some weighted correctives with a plate on a yoga mat and saw a spider crawling about a feet away from my face. I didn’t care much and was about to turn to the other side, when I decided to take a closer look before I turn my back to it.
    It was a brown recluse.
    I rolled my plate on it like a pizza cutter.

  6. Kevin Bauwens says:

    With YouTube fitness it’s difficult to see the difference between someone who knows what he is talking about and someone who knows how to bullsh*. I found your channel to be a good compass to guide me through YouTube fitness. You’re doing important work, never forget that.
    Request: What is your opinion on Ryan Humiston?

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