Can’t Get Big Arms? Just Do THIS!!

If you can’t get big arms no matter what arm workout you try then this is the video for you. Here, I’m going to show you 5 reasons why you’re arms won’t grow and what you need to start doing the very next time you train them. If you follow these 5 arm workout tips you will get bigger biceps and triceps guaranteed, with noticeable growth in even just the next 2-3 weeks.

The foundation behind why these workouts and exercises work is because they take advantage of one of the main drivers of muscle growth and hypertrophy, progressive overload and tension. Many times, people will rely on using just the big compound lifts for getting bigger arms. When you realize that the question of how to get bigger arms isn’t achieved solely through adding weight to the big lifts then you really start to make progress.

Direct arm training with an adherence to the same principles of overload is actually where most arm size is possible.

We start down this path with utilizing heavier weights on the classic biceps exercises and triceps exercises like the curl and lying tricep extensions respectively. But it’s not just about lifting as much weight as you can and swinging the weights up and down. Instead, it’s about getting the weights to the top using a bit of momentum but then shifting to controlling the eccentric lowering of the weights as much as possible.

This eccentric overload is one of the best ways to create more arm growth and is one of the fastest things you can do to get bigger arms.

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Next, you want to remember that strict form will also result in big arms. The key is not to abandon it entirely in the pursuit of big biceps and triceps. What you need to do however is be sure to still aim to handle as much weight as you can within these restrictions so that even though the weight is lighter than what you would do with some momentum, you are still lifting a relatively heavy load.

The biceps strict curl and the incline overhead dumbbell triceps extension are two great examples of this. You have the chance to lock your body into position against either the wall or the back of an incline bench to ensure that only the force of the muscle you are trying to grow is responsible for generating the effort on every rep.

Next, you want to be sure to remember to train your brachialis muscle heavy. You likely heard that this is the muscle that sits beneath the biceps and is often forgotten about in many arm workouts, a mistake that is costing you big arms. Hammer curls are one of the best ways to build this arm muscle but going too light may not be giving you the stimulus you need for more growth.

The fourth thing that will really benefit you and help you break through any plateau to bigger arms is to not just use bodyweight arm exercises as burnout options but to remember to weight them for better gains. Chinups, inverted chin curls and all variations of triceps pushups are great arm exercise options for adding additional weights in the form of weighted vests or even just some plates suspended around your waist. Once you do this, the rep count will come down but the inches will pile up as you introduce new overload stress that didn’t exist in your arm workout before.

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Finally, all arm muscles matter which is why you can’t forget to train the muscle that is responsible for a great deal of the lower arm size – the brachioradialis. This forearm muscle is actually responsible for flexing the elbow from the pronated position. Remember to include exercises like the offset dumbbell curl and the lat pulldown reverse curl to target this effectively and lead to much bigger arms in the long run.

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  2. Sanskar Singh says:

    Me: looks at Jesseis arms and then at Jeff’s arms and think that there is a big difference.
    Also me: looks at Jessie’s arms then at my arms and think “oh that is a huge difference”.

    • Srikanth sanaka says:

      @Arjun Arun ohkay so now my arms are super small and I like my own comments. Good to know. Is that why your comment exactly has a single like oh well guess that’s not you liking your own comment right now. Btw those are not big arms. Not small arms sure but definitely not big arms

    • Spandan Baral says:

      @Srikanth sanaka Can you read properly? When did I say that those are big? I just said those are not small, but that doesn’t mean I’m saying those are big.

    • BLOODBATH9998 says:

      @Spandan Baral His arms are small dude its just that there is alot more definition and peak but thats just the struggle of a hardgainer,if you take somebody with average genetics and he just does some regular biceps curls he would look 5x times better then jesse.
      They arent small anymore in comparison to how he looked when he first started lifting but in comparison to average lifters those biceps are still pretty tiny.

    • Spandan Baral says:

      @BLOODBATH9998 Yeah, that’s what I am trying to say. He isn’t small anymore compared to how he started. I know that he is smaller than most lifters. But he is in better shape than average people. Most average people have Big arms due to fat. I am not considering that. A 15 inch muscular,defined arm is always better than a 22 inch fat arm

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