Bigger Biceps Workout With Resistance Bands – Best Arm Exercises – Biceps With Bands Challenge Day 1

In order to build massive guns (Biceps), you need to workout more consistently and with a TON of volume. Can you build massive pythons with Resistance Bands? HECK YES!!, Well, you're going to find out!!

You and I are going to do an intense Biceps Workout every day together. The workouts will only take 6 minutes, but TRUST ME, that will be enough!

Day 1 – Todays Biceps Explosion focuses on high reps. Can you build your Biceps with high reps? With bands you can!

You will NOT believe how pumped your arms will be after his session. You will swear that they are going to pop!

Take measurements today and post them in the comments.

You can use any Resistance Bands, however for every one of these workouts we will be using Bodylastics (that's my company) Bands. If you have a set you will know why they are Top rated. If you don't have a set and then acquire some, you will understand very quickly why they Rock. Need a set of Bodylastics? Click the link:

Want more instruction for the exercises in this workout?
Click this link for Standing Biceps Curls:
Click this link for Seated Preacher Curls:

Be sure to complete at 30 days of workouts and we'll see you tomorrow!

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29 thoughts on “Bigger Biceps Workout With Resistance Bands – Best Arm Exercises – Biceps With Bands Challenge Day 1

  1. M.B. says:

    I hate people that say you can’t build muscle with resistance bands, especially personal trainers who should know better.

    I’ll be doing this for 30 days and see how much bigger the biceps get.

  2. Filippo Bonadonna says:

    Gyms are closed in my city, it’s great to learn about resistance bands exercises. I’ve been binging your videos this past week and your channel has been very helpful during this time to the point that I might combine them with dumbbells once gyms are open again.

  3. Melanie Aldafrawy says:

    Thank you for doing this- I am on my way to starting to lose weight. Need to lose 150. I have the whole set of bodylastics and can’t wait to get started using them! This challenge is perfect, and can’t wait for more muscle groups!!

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