7 Beginner Workout Mistakes You MUST Avoid!!

Beginner workout mistakes aren’t always so easy to avoid. Often times, it is the beginner that makes the most workout slip ups because they just don’t have the knowledge of what things to avoid, and it winds up costing them muscle gains. If you want to build muscle and want to be sure that you avoid any of the popular beginner workout mistakes that can happen when you aren’t an experienced lifter, then be sure to watch this video and see how to prevent them before they happen.

The first thing that is important to get across is the fact that at one point, we are all beginners. I too made every single mistake shown here. The key is not making them but learning from them, or better yet, learning ahead of time what not to do. That is what I’m going to lay out for you step by step.

First up is the tendency for beginners to overlook the benefit of nutrition when it comes to building muscle and losing fat. Some think that there is a special workout or combination of exercises that can be done to get in shape fast. While there are good beginner workouts and bad ones, they can’t be looked at in isolation. They always have to be paired up with a smart nutritious eating plan if you want to see your best results.

The second big mistake that plagues workouts for beginners is that they often times pick up weights too soon. In a rush to get bigger muscles, they watch all the workouts being done by the bigger guys in the gym and simply try and copy them. The problem with this is that using weights before you have the stability and command of your own body is a recipe for disaster. It is for this reason that I often recommend that you not even start lifting until you have a good foundation of bodyweight workout training under your belt.

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Once you have learned how to command your own body in space then you are better able to handle the external load of the weights when you add them into your beginner workout routine.

Next, it is also important to be honest with yourself and realize that you may be starting your workouts with a laundry list of orthopedic and postural issues that will make working out more difficult. Look at yourself in the mirror and identify and bad posture, muscle tightness or inflexibility that makes exercising difficult. At that point, work on stretching and doing mobility exercises to loosen up. If you don’t, you will only strengthen these dysfunctions into your big lifts and have a harder time getting rid of them down the road.

From here you have to look at how you are approaching your beginner workouts. The first is how you look at the sets and reps you are performing. All too often, those just starting out with training will focus on counting reps rather than making the reps count. For example, if you are told to perform 3 sets of 12 but find the first few reps are a bit more difficult than you expected, you might short arm the next few reps and make them bad quality just to get to the end of the set. This is a big mistake. Instead, you want to push hard on every rep even if if leaves you a few short of your goal 12 reps.

Next, you have to understand what it means to train to failure. Many are confused by this topic. When I recommend training to failure it is so your body has the adequate stimulus to come back bigger and stronger. That said, it is always to mean that you can’t perform another rep in good form. Anyone can chop up a rep so badly that it kills your form and gets you another rep but that is not advised. Stop just as your form is about to break down and you’ve given your best effort.

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The other thing to understand is that when you are doing workouts for beginners you have to accept the fact that the results will take time. It is important to enjoy the journey since no results come overnight. Even Jesse has been able to take his victories along the way and learn from his shortcomings, and it’s helped him a bunch in the process.

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    • Simo says:

      word lol. But I do think it’s a lot easier for skinny body types. When you work out a lot/every day, if you’re a big body type you’re also hungry as hell, unless you use some type of appettite suppressor/medication/etc. There’s not many ways you can resist urges over and over for a long period of time. See like Butterbean for example. Don’t think he would have had any success if he had forced himself to be slimmer.
      Skinny body types can let go a few days and won’t get that much damage on the scale… Me? I went from 103.5kg to 116kg in 10 days that i went to the mountains, just for having a few beers everyday and eating what i wanted (even if i hiked and biked hours every day). Now after almost 2 months of ”disciplined” training/nutrition i’m back to 105/106kg, still higher. It’s really not the same from person to person, on the upside i can get up in strength more easily, but that has not much to do with having a ”ripped” look.

    • Lee Everett says:

      I’m in that dark gray area where my arms are bigger than most people and they fill the sleeves to all my shirts, but there is zero definition even while flexing. I have to do heavy tricep exercises just to see the slightest vein or muscle showing.

      I get compliments from my peers about having big arms, but I feel nothing towards them because I have too much fat on them.

  2. Dylan DiPalma says:

    3 years of lifting under my belt. Can’t stress enough, make sure your foundation is solid. Or you’ll be at 3 years in. Stagnant working on it now, like me

  3. Jay Raymond says:

    Re: Jesse and his gains, it’s apparent you’re making progress. People expect a rapid, almost instant change. There’s no Rocky training montage for real life.

    Thanks for the great information gents. I’ve been following the posture correction and xero program for one week and I already feel the benefits.

  4. xImDagiBee says:

    For you, my dear servants.
    I know i am a hero and no i don’t wear a cape:

    1. Eat properly.
    2. Get proper joint stability – learn how to master the basic bodyweight exercises.
    3. Adress your mobility/flexibility issues early – it‘s a lot harder to correct your mobility issues down the road.
    4. Challenge yourself – properly overload.
    5. Don‘t take rep counts to seriously.
    6. Learn what failure looks and feels like – don‘t move through your sets without any real effort.
    7. Learn to enjoy your process.

    I need to go. I have a job in the demon realm.

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