WOOOWWWW, so yeah its been a lot going on lately. And I apologize to those of you that are not either following me on IG(because you all would of seen updates on there) or if you haven't seen the post I've made on here lately. Things have finally slowed down a bit for me to give you guys a detailed update as to what I've been up to the last few weeks or so.

First off, I truly appreciate all of the congratulations I have received from you all! We have welcomed another beautiful child into this world. Excited to be a daddy x's 2 now! Also, there will be another 30 day fitness challenge coming up really soon! Only a coule more videos to add into that playlist before its ready for action.

Lastly, we will be launching our channel merch really soon! SUPER excited to start rocking pants, shirts, stringers, etc… from the GYMOCLOCK Fitness brand! Website is up and ready for signups! Lets GOOOOOOOO!


20 thoughts on “LIFE UPDATE..

  1. bestman 8740 says:

    Aye bruh I’m glad God is watching over you and always with you and I pray that your family and friends all are safe and that God will answer all your dreams and desires g

  2. Warrior Queen says:

    Yes 30 day challenge! And can you do something for women and eating the evil delicious bread lol I need a substitute

  3. cookie killer says:

    I was born through a water birth too and I feel the most comfortable when I am swimming , maybe your little girl will be swimming like a shark in a few years ☺️

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