I can’t thank you guys enough for sticking around throughout this journey and supporting me throughout it. It’s your support, your loyalty, and your word of mouth that’s made all of this possible and is what’s enabling us to achieve our mission of spreading the truth and changing lives. Thank you!



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Filmed by Bruno Martin Del Campo

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39 thoughts on “Revealing Our New HQ (3 Million Subscriber Update) | Jeremy Ethier”
  1. Hey, been here for forever, proud of you man. You deserve all the success that has came your way❤

  2. When did you first subscribe to my channel? Whether you’re a recent subscriber or have been there from the early days, thank you for sticking around and for your continued support!

    1. I’ve been following you since you didnt have 100k followers. You were the first one to do something very hard in a very simple way: EXPLAIN THE SCIENCE OF EXERCISING IN A GRAPHIC WAY


  4. nostalgia hits hard lol
    has been a subscriber for 2-3 years , since my first day at the gym
    congrats man♥

  5. it’s incredible how Jeremy stands out in fitness industry without having crazy physique and super monotomous voice too :). DOn’t get me wrong, he has a great physique but not super huge/shredded like a lot of Instagram fitness models. Keep it up. Would’d be interesting to see him vlogging too

    1. I would much rather he Jeremy’s physique than that of Jeff Nippard, Jeff Cavaliere and Scott Herman. I really love the content that those guys put out, but I would not want to look like them.

    2. I’ve been in gyms for decades and most of my male friends (I’m a woman) were heavy roid users. This man is natural and to me, looks way better than the roided-out guys.

    3. @P eace for sure. However, a physical development point of view(muscle mass and leaness) is totally different from attractiveness point of view

    4. Just because I go to gym doesn’t mean I wanna be or I like huge / shredded muscles.

      I wanna look normal while still making natural muscles and Jeremy is exactly that . Also his videos are really informative /science based and he shares experience that I can connect with.
      Edit: The most important part is that he seems “real” to me .

  6. The fact that you’re not yelling and putting on some “act” makes you seem like a more real person … it’s great

    1. this is one of the reasons I watch him. He’s 100% authentic, and he’s not all ego, and he’s not on steroids.

  7. The best part: seeing you smile so much in this video. I remember when you rarely smiled at all. Lol. Congratulations on your success!

    1. That’s what I thought when I first watched his first videos, it may sound corny but I thought he may be a good successor to athlean-x in the YT fitness scene. Now I think he is someone who can actually compete and even surpass the likes of Cavaliere and Nippard in terms of influence and quality

  8. Install a Fireman’s Pole from the office space to the gym so you can get there more quickly 🙂

  9. Your emotions are coming all the way to here Jeremy, like a child in a toy shop!
    I felt that, never lose that! 😉

    1. @Cameron lol while I was writing that post I was remembering going into toy shops about 40+ years ago here in Turkiye……..I guess I’ve still got that in me, good memories ;))

      Now I feel antiquated, but nevertheless I’m still a child at heart! yay!


      now you can call me gramps.


  10. Jeremy’s HUMILITY is very evident in this video! You could really feel how overwhelmed he is about his well-deserved success just by being true to his following & achieving his goals for the fitness industry! He barely smiles, first time I saw him with a big smile! Super proud of him! Congrats JEREMY & team!

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