Chest workout for mass | Gynecomastia surgery Update with before and after pics

In this video, I take you guys through a typical workout for me. The current goal is to keep myself as mobile and pain free as possible so that I can successfully work towards building MASS !

As most of you know I recently had Gynecomastia surgery. So I am not yet at 100% with my training, as I took a fair amount of time off. So this is the journey to recovery and also for GAINS !!!!!

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25 thoughts on “Chest workout for mass | Gynecomastia surgery Update with before and after pics

  1. MrVictarrr says:

    I was looking forward to the next gyno video. Whats your opinion on Vertical Diet btw? Keep up the great work.

  2. Jules Life says:

    I’m grateful for putting in 6 years to solving my low back pain and not giving up like doctors told me to. I totally take it for granted most days but when I stop to think about it I am soooo thankful I can move freely now. It was BRUTAL for a very long time.

    • Jules Life says:

      @Quintbeastwood Thanks. Just figuring out my hip and shoulder still then after that I’ll be able to do “the big 3” and get jacked like I used to be haha. I do what I can but it’ll be nice to step it up again some day.

  3. Ryan Nachtrab says:

    Bro we all appreciate your gyno surgery updates. Nobody really talks about it, and sure as hell dont show us what it looks like. Nice to see how it effects daily life or workouts and how it gradually heals up. Respect

  4. Matthew cunliffe says:

    I’m greatful for getting back into the gym whilst I’m still 14 took 2 weeks of to prepare for my other sport but I’m all in now

  5. colton says:

    Love the videos man. I realized I really need to work on my shoulder mobility. No way in hell I could do that with the strait bar warming up.

  6. Benny says:

    Thank you so much for the continued open-ness and frankly just how down to earth you are… love your personality man!

  7. Bradley Puppies says:

    I just had my gyno surgery last Friday. These videos are helpful with knowing what’s to come with recovery.

  8. Jesse Buter says:

    Can you make a video about:
    *If your should train to failure if your training for strength
    *How much sets you should do if your training for strength
    *Some other tips if your training for strength and things you should avoid when training for strength

  9. ChubbsTheHacker says:

    Yo also thank you for adding COMMENTARY over your workouts, I find there a lot more entertaining then the boring working out and overlaying bad music over it!

  10. Jake Darnes says:

    I’m grateful to have access to some Dumbbells and be able to get some sort of stimulus during uk lockdown 🙂

  11. William Gresham says:

    Great attitude, great example for everyone Quinton! Although I’ve had cancer three times (twice requiring major neck dissection), and despite the fact that I’m almost 60 and will never be an IFBB pro, I love working out and being active, and I try to remember to not take the fact that I am able to be very active for granted. It is great to hear a pro who has such a good perspective, and I appreciate what you’re doing there.

  12. Dawid Czechowicz says:

    had same surgery, tbh didnt have as much problem with push movements, as with pulling from straight above my head

  13. RandomYouTubChannel says:

    Bruh you´re so down to earth compared to all the other “bodybuilders”, who really is just tryin to sell you something while claiming natty all the time… Anyway keep up the good work and good to hear the surgery went well.

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