Can you build your Biceps after 50? 100% Heck Yes!!! Build them with resistance which will push your muscles to the limit without killing your joints – Resistance Bands! Pair bands with a killer routine and what do you get? Results!

Day 27 – Todays workout once again Tabata. So 20 seconds of reps followed by 10 seconds of rest. You will alternate between 2 exercises for each 20/10 segment. For the first half we will do 1/1 Reps. For the second half we will do 2 & 2 reps (2 reps followed by a 2 second static Hold)

You can use any Resistance Bands, however for every one of these workouts we will be using Bodylastics Bands. If you have a set you will know why they are 🥇Top Rated! If you don't have a set and then acquire some, you will understand very quickly why they Rock. Need a set of Bodylastics? Click the link:

Want more instruction for the exercises in this workout?
Check out the Resistance Bands Arms Playlist On our Channel:

Be sure to complete at 30 days of workouts and we'll see you tomorrow for workout 28!

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Hello! I’m Blake Kassel CEO of Bodylastics. I am an expert in Resistance Bands Training for Muscle Growth. Resistance Band Training has saved my life and enables me to compete with folks half my age (I was born in 1969). I'm here to help you get the most out of your Resistance Bands every single day. Why? Because consistency is KEY, And in order to be consistent- You MUST take on a Warrior type attitude!!!

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Let’s do this!

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By Chris Wright

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  1. Back home and with my bodylastics bands. Wow what a difference. Almost at the end. Great workout Blake

  2. Chiseled in the morning, 7-minute arms at night. Thanks Blake – see you tomorrow!

  3. idk how you don’t get more views, this challenge is something else. Feeling bigger and stronger as we keep going

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