THE BEST Chest & Triceps Workout AT HOME | NO EQUIPMENT

What's up guys, I'm very happy to share with you this the best and effective home chest and triceps workout. You don't need equipment for this workout.

Thanks for your support, likes and subscribing. I wish you success with the workout, bro!
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Full Workout:
0. Push-ups (for Warm-up) 2×12
1. Push-ups 4×12-15
2. Decline Push-ups 4×12-15
3. Wide Push-ups 4×12-15
4. Bodyweight Triceps Extension 4×12-15
5. Brilliant Push-ups 4×12-15

1. Intro (0:00)
2. Starting of workout (0:45)
3. First step for more effective push-ups (1:31)
4. Second step for more effective push-ups (1:52)
5. 1 exercise (2:26)
6. 2 exercise (3:54)
7. Advice for a better result (4:27)
8. 3 exercise (5:07)
9. 4 exercise (5:49)
10. 5 exercise (7:15)

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  1. In the discription i wrote timecods and there you can find a timecod about 2 steps for better push-ups. I think you didn’t try this before, so click and try!

  2. Was it difficult for you to accept Poland’s condition? At times it is really difficult to accept my condition, but I have dealt with my body much better these days.

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