10 MINUTE SLIM THIGHS + SIDE BOOTY 💕 No Equipment Pilates Workout

Hi loves!! I know that thigh slimming workouts are some of your all-time favs, so this week I am bringing you 10 minutes of sweet, thigh-burning goodness 🔥🔥😘😘. This 10 minute mat pilates class will help to slim and lengthen your thigh muscles to promote a slender and toned shape. For this workout all you need is a yoga/pilates mat and you are good to go – no extra equipment needed. If you want to take it up a level, try doing this with light ankle weights for extra resistance. Let
me know in the comments if you like this style of workout and if you lasted all 10 minutes!!

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17 thoughts on “10 MINUTE SLIM THIGHS + SIDE BOOTY 💕 No Equipment Pilates Workout

  1. Yuri Miura says:

    At first I was laughing and smiling: in the end I was sweating!! Effective and refreshing! When I’ll catch my breath I’ll add the classics too (the 5 min workouts I do every single day lol)

  2. Ella Creative says:

    loved this Bailey!!! so happy you are back to posting workouts, I’d love some more 15-20min ones <3 been loving these in quarantine

  3. Emer Fallon says:

    The best! B’s workouts are so effective and just hit the sweet spot of not too easy and not too difficult. This is why I can commit to a regular regime x

    • Vanesa Ulloa Bequer says:

      The same happens to me! I never quit in the middle of the workout because it is the most perfect dose!

  4. Ava Kraatz says:

    You guys, I’m being smart (For once)

    I decided to do a workout on Christmas Eve so I won’t have to do it on Christmas but still look good. Genius, right!

  5. Suoma franprix says:

    Hi, Bailey! I love and enjoy this workout. It’s easy, but I can really feel my legs :).
    And also I wanted to ask if you can do a workout for posture or back muscles? It would be great!

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