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Hey YouTube Family , Its your go to fitness advisor Utkarsh and i am back again with a video on biceps and triceps as this part of the upper body is considered as an ornamental part of your bodies and many people like to boast their progress on it, Don't worry; with the help of my video you'll be second to none when boasting about your progress with your fine and ripped biceps and triceps.
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1. Superset
✓Biceps curl & close grip bench press
•4 set (12-15 reps)

2. Superset
✓Skull crusher & EZ curl (close grip)
•4 set (12-15 reps)

✓ Drag curls & Tricep push down
•4 set (12-15reps)

4. Superset
✓ isometric hold for• 1-2min(keep trying to feel the tension through out the hold ) & triceps kick back
•2 sets (25 reps) slow and steady

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    1. There is no disadvantages until unless you take in limit , bucz body required it for building muscle and if you take in excessive it will come out thru , sweat, or in waste material what you need to know is how much protien you need in a day… don’t eat in excessive.

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