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By Chris Wright

Chris has spent many years working and teaching in the IT field. He enjoys spending time outdoors and learning about new topics. He likes playing golf, spending time at the beach and working on classic cars and woodworking projects.

11 thoughts on “LEGS Workout with bands / Toned Thighs”
  1. Dear JULIA , my beautiful friend your beautiful your exercise are absolute brilliant your great I am so very proud of you your brilliant from, David

  2. I already knew about the vitality of beauty and fitness, now mom changed what I knew, she exceeded expectations.

  3. Julia!! Please! Do! A! Fashion! Show!!! Why let Mari have all the Fun!?! Your Fans are Waiting!!!

  4. Great exercises Julia! This is why you are in such great shape. Look forward to next video. Have a lovely day.

  5. Congratulations Julia for the exercises. That is why she is always so beautiful and in great shape

  6. Julia, you are a great example and motivator for Mari! You both are very beautiful people!! Best wishes!!!

  7. Юля, ты должна сниматься в кино, а не только на YouTube. Ты восхитителен!

  8. You look lovely, Julia. I applaud your dedication to fitness. It shows on your stunning figure. Thank you.

  9. Te felicitó julia te maravillosamente hermosa luses una linda figura saludos a mari y a tu familia de su admirador

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