11 thoughts on “LEGS Workout with bands / Toned Thighs

  1. David Mayes says:

    Dear JULIA , my beautiful friend your beautiful your exercise are absolute brilliant your great I am so very proud of you your brilliant from, David

  2. paulo henrique Gino says:

    I already knew about the vitality of beauty and fitness, now mom changed what I knew, she exceeded expectations.

  3. kurt schulmeyer says:

    Great exercises Julia! This is why you are in such great shape. Look forward to next video. Have a lovely day.

  4. Roberto Edmundo 2011 says:

    Congratulations Julia for the exercises. That is why she is always so beautiful and in great shape

  5. Jon Rowader says:

    Julia, you are a great example and motivator for Mari! You both are very beautiful people!! Best wishes!!!

  6. David S says:

    Юля, ты должна сниматься в кино, а не только на YouTube. Ты восхитителен!

  7. John Melville says:

    You look lovely, Julia. I applaud your dedication to fitness. It shows on your stunning figure. Thank you.

  8. Benjamin Esparza says:

    Te felicitó julia te maravillosamente hermosa luses una linda figura saludos a mari y a tu familia de su admirador

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