I filmed a full length version of this and the next day my legs were STILL BURNING! 🔥 Here is a sneak peek of some of my favorite exercises. Give this a go by doing 12 reps of each exercise 4x through! Good luck 😜 #shorts

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13 thoughts on “BARRE WORKOUT – MEGA CALF & INNER THIGH BURN! #shorts

  1. Samyuktha Shetty says:

    Rebecca I have been following your routines for so many years
    Especially arms routines
    Cheers lots of love ❤️

  2. mixed martial arts- Kung Fu Palestine says:

    Your morning is rose … your morning is happiness … your morning is purified honey

  3. mixed martial arts- Kung Fu Palestine says:

    Your body is beautiful, attractive, wonderful and in shape. It’s a perfect body

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