Mr. Olympia Style Chest & Shoulder Workout (Shaun Clarida & Terrence Ruffin)

You are in for a treat today. We are back at Elitefts with Mr Olympia Shaun Clarida and runner up Terrence Ruffin. We are hitting chest and shoulders and let me tell you this was an epic workout. If you think you are up to it give this chest and shoulder workout a try. It wont be easy. Let us konw how you did in the comments.

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43 thoughts on “Mr. Olympia Style Chest & Shoulder Workout (Shaun Clarida & Terrence Ruffin)

  1. Daniel Bilalov says:

    Love this type of content, but when are you going to release the choose/make ur own PULL workout. Been waiting a long time for that one (ever since the PUSH one came out).

    • Ya Nan in The Van says:

      @mountaindog1 Thats such shame, by far one of my favourite series John. Thanks for putting the work in really appreciate it !

    • Chris says:

      @mountaindog1 It really is a pity, I liked them a lot – and used them! Perfect when I am setting up my next block of mesocycles. But I understand where you are coming from, there is only so much time in the day, can’t put it into things that are not worth the effort. We will be waiting patiently for the eventual next installment of the series 🙂

    • Jamie Nyeste says:

      @mountaindog1 I’m so sorry john. I’ve said it before, those videos are top notch content. Im sorry people suck.

    • jocao2 says:

      @Luke Rupprecht “higherEE body”??? Bro how do you hear “higher body” when there is literally a CLEAR “ee” at the end of the first word. Y’all got some hearing issues.

  2. Parker Rish says:

    Sean looks like he is literally carved out of granite. Easily one of the most developed bodybuilders on the planet right now. His shape and symmetry is similar to ronnie coleman’s. I can’t wait to see him shred the olympia over these next couple years.

  3. Six Pack Chef says:

    Johns not even missing a beat with these guys hanging in rep by rep! So many tips and small pointers in this vid as each person did each exercise/movement to learn. Like having 3 examples for each movement!

    • Andreas Ekberg says:

      You can tell already by the second set of db inclines that the heat is on and he is on and they’re all on and the testosteron is running wild and going through the roof and all of us watching are also going through the roof as the guys take it to town!

  4. Rob Johnson says:

    God Bless these Humble Young Men.  True Champions the both of them.  What a blessing it must’ve been for John to train with them.

  5. Modus Nitrous says:

    19:36 I think Alexander has some kind of super powers to be able to read a book in that environment
    He has the focus of an eagle

  6. Bitnisse says:

    Great video. The love of the workout just shines from you guys faces. Ruffin: “Old man sounds!” had me laughing,

  7. Ray Walkerdine says:

    I just want to cry watching these guys train. Hell, I just a tad shorter than Shaun and have done ok in amateur shows, but I feel like a skinny guy when I look at him. So depressing

  8. FreshDougan says:

    Switching up doing flys like this has made a huge difference for me. John has some killer knowledge and trains like a beast.

  9. WhiteBread says:

    “I thought classic guys weren’t supposed to be that strong” LMAO. These guys are as humble as you, John. No wonder they’re champs!

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