Pilates Magic Circle Sculpt | Abs & Inner Thighs Mat Workout

New prop to the Home Barre Channel: The Magic Circle! Today's class will focus on the ABS & INNER THIGHS. The Magic Circle (also called Pilates Ring) is is a great tool that was originally created by Joseph Pilates. This simple prop is made of rubber and provides the body feedback as to which muscles it is targeting. Very effective and affordable prop we highly recommend you add to your home gym. They can be found at Decathlon (EU), Target (USA) or on many online shops (including Amazon).

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3 thoughts on “Pilates Magic Circle Sculpt | Abs & Inner Thighs Mat Workout

  1. Saxophone Academy says:

    Fantastict! I’ve become interested in Pilates (for musician – peak performance reasons) and saw you on Reddit! I *think* this is the same ring that came with one of my son’s Nintendo switch games? Just started exploring your videos – great production and instruction – well done!

    • Home Barre says:

      Yes! The game Ring Fit? I don’t have that game yet (but I do have a Switch so it’s on my wish list)…but I’m pretty sure that is a Magic circle!
      Pilates can definitely help musicians, singers, etc. Keep going!

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