EXTREME FAT BURNING CARDIO workout for ya! Lets Melt that fat away!


In this video, I’m going to take you all with me for a KILLER road trip! Make sure you bring your water! This is a 10 min follow a long workout you can complete with me anywhere. This workout routine will shock your body & make you sweat more than ever! Get that metabolism burning!

HIIT CARDIO is always my preference when trying to lose weight(fat) and conserve as much muscle as possible. You don't necessarily have to ever step foot into a gym. However, to be effective in accomplishing your weight goals, you can use this perfect home workout paired with a few of the other follow along workouts on the bullyjuice channel to get you where you want to be!

This perfect home workout will not only be me showing you these KILLER exercises, but I will also be working out with you as your virtual personal trainer! I will push you to finish! Do not give up on me!

COMPLETE this 10 min workout 2-3 times for (TOTAL WORKOUT TIME: 20-30 MINUTES) Take a 3-5 minute break between the sets!

THIS FOLLOW ALONG WORKOUT WILL INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING EXERCISES: high knees, plank skiers, Steam engine squats, burpees, rest breaks, imaginary jump ropes, mountain climbers for that core and heart rate, and a few more! Lets get that work!


    • Salami Boyz says:

      Hope the people that see this have a great day or night, depending on where you are in the world and please stay safe out there.

      Btw Small Youtuber looking for ur support✨
      I Hope To Inspire People &P

  1. certified says:

    I JUST did your 10 minute jump rope exercise and idc I’m going to do this too right now thank you Bullyjuicen

  2. Nico Liguori says:

    I love the special appearance at the end gave me much more motivation cuz I laughed!

  3. M. SIAM says:

    Can you please do a new different videos for chest, arms, shoulders, back, legs like before

  4. Stizzy says:

    I like how it was straight to the point you got after it, this is a real deal whole body routine, no joke for sure. Awesome video great job keep em coming!

  5. Iconic Alienski133 says:

    Why does my knee hurts every time I work out to the point it doesn’t let me even walk or jump
    It stops me from commit on working out

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