My 5 GYM & Nutrition MISTAKES I Made As A Beginner

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14 thoughts on “My 5 GYM & Nutrition MISTAKES I Made As A Beginner

  1. I Survived The TiTANIC says:

    I have a question about working out cause I’ve been trying to grind but I can’t exactly make my own food since my parents buy all the food so what do you think I should do. Starve myself or just work out even more?

    • Eman workouts says:

      Eat the healthiest food that your parents buy. Talk to them about your health. And it an even amount calories to maintain weight, less calories to loose weight, and more to gain weight. Also try to intake .8 to 1.3g of protein per body pound

  2. Miguel Jimenez says:

    Much love bro keep up the good work. Also what are some high protein meals for lunch and breakfast so I can get more calories

  3. Franeo Rodrigo says:

    I’ve never heard you speak but I didn’t expect you to be Australian, I am pleasantly surprised

  4. Sivuno Mndzebele says:

    Dudes this guy is right girls mostly notice u when u workout but this ain’t about them it’s about staying healthy

  5. Be quiet And drive says:

    I’m really weirdly sick right now with a headache and being really dizzy and I do over train everyday and I haven’t been getting good sleep this past week and I don’t know if i’m sick because i over trained but my muscles feel weak like fluffy clouds.

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